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BestJobs survey: 16% of employees say they have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 and 37% follow in the next period

37.1% of Romanian employees who participated in a survey conducted by the recruitment…

BestJobs: Over 700,000 job applications in March. The most sought after jobs were in the fields of finance, engineering, transportation and IT

At the same time, the total number of jobs available since the beginning of…

BestJobs poll: One out of four women has considered giving up their job in the last year due to overwork

Against the background of the increased pressure to meet both work and home requirements,…

BestJobs poll: Eight out of ten women sacrifice their rest time to have enough time for work and family

Women feel a greater burden of these extra daily activities, given that only 35%…

BestJobs and Boston Consulting Group study: Two out of three Romanians are willing to take it from the top in their career, in response to technological changes

67% of employees worldwide are open to the idea of ​​professional conversion, as a…


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BestJobs: 3 out of 5 employees want to continue working in a hybrid system and combine remote activity with office presence

In addition, the flexible schedule and comfort of their home office allowed most of…

Almost 100,000 Romanians applied for jobs on BestJobs in January

Most applicants were those with over 5 years of experience

BestJobs poll: Changing jobs in 2020 is top priority for most Romanians, after family and health

Higher pay and more free time are the main reasons why job change is…

BestJobs survey: Two thirds of Romanian employees are very stressed at work

Almost eight out of ten respondents said that the stress level has increased in…

BestJobs: In the summer vacation, Romanians are looking for jobs

The companies registered with 18% more applications in July


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