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BestJobs poll: Eight out of ten women sacrifice their rest time to have enough time for work and family

Women feel a greater burden of these extra daily activities, given that only 35%…

BestJobs and Boston Consulting Group study: Two out of three Romanians are willing to take it from the top in their career, in response to technological changes

67% of employees worldwide are open to the idea of ​​professional conversion, as a…


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BestJobs poll: Changing jobs in 2020 is top priority for most Romanians, after family and health

Higher pay and more free time are the main reasons why job change is…

BestJobs survey: Two thirds of Romanian employees are very stressed at work

Almost eight out of ten respondents said that the stress level has increased in…

BestJobs: In the summer vacation, Romanians are looking for jobs

The companies registered with 18% more applications in July


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