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Fiscal facilities for research and development activities: What does the legislation provide? What happens in practice? Examples

Authors: Andreea Mitirita, PwC Romania Partner and Cristina Fuioaga, PwC Romania Director

The use of SPV, from optional to mandatory, a proposal similar to OECD conclusions: digitization cannot be done without legislative changes

Authors: Andreea Mitirita, PwC Romania Partner and Ana Nechifor, PwC Romania Consultant

PwC Romania report: The local mergers and acquisitions market decreased by 6% last year, but is still at a high level

The 2020 mergers and acquisitions market in Romania decreased by 6% compared to 2019,…


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Fiscal consolidation for corporate income tax can be applied from next year: The groups of companies have a deadline of November 2

Andreea Mitirita, Partner and Florin Rizea, Senior Manager of PwC Romania