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Inspirators, the global platform that offers inspiring stories from sustainability leaders, read by people from 80 countries in less than six months from its launch

The storytelling platform’s purpose is to collect evergreen inspiration in sustainability…

Organizations face annual losses in the trillions due to fraud. Staff training programs and internal reporting policies, key elements for preventing and fighting corporate fraud

Opinion article by Denisa Simion, Manager, and Elton Mata, Manager, Financial Advisory,…

The role of team coaching in company success

Author: Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria Business Solutions

Remuneration, again under the spotlight. Banks have new reporting requirements as of this year

Opinion article by Irina Vasile, Senior Manager, Risk and Regulatory Advisory, Deloitte…

5 ways the role of the CEOs changes now

Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria Business Solutions


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For a coherent and incisive economic diplomacy

More Govt. lobby and incisive diplomacy is needed in order to promote the Romanian…

The “most wanted employee”:  skills, competencies, recruiting manners

Ana Ber, Managing Partner P&P Romania: During these tough times for economy, companies…

Driven by profits

Even if trust is equally important in doing business, the profits drive, naturally, most…

Besides anything else, ‘Self-Investment’ has become paramount for Romania

In a tense global economic environment like the one we’re experiencing today, investors…

Taking by the best handle

Several aspects to be considered in developing a national long-term strategy, uttered…


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Inspirators, the consultancy platform that offers inspiring stories from global sustainability and regeneration leaders, was launched in September 2023

Inspirators is the most diverse and surprising mix of regenerative leaders who display…

Plastic-free ordinance: Manufacturers will have to cover costs for waste management and consumer accountability campaigns

Authors: Ludmila Petrescu, Senior Manager PwC Romania, Carmen Dan, Manager

Orange announces the opening of nine Orange 5G Labs to enable economic players to bring 5G uses to life

According to an Orange study conducted with GlobalWebIndex, 72% of companies currently…

ENEL reaffirmed among the world’s most sustainable companies in FTSE4GOOD Index

The company’s presence was renewed following the second half 2018 review

How do you manage the cost of poor quality?

It is relevant for companies to use the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) tool…


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Activitati de contabilitate si audit financiar; consultanta in domeniul fiscal