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It’s in everyone's best interest to come out stronger from this challenge caused by the pandemic

Interview with Radu Hanga, President, BUCHAREST Stock Exchange

Strategic solutions Romanian entrepreneurs can adopt on economic level during the pandemic

Interview with Theodor Stefanovici, Commercial Director, AKCENTA Romania

Romanian companies, in need of a highly competent corporate governance

A state-of-the-art corporate governance would help Romanian companies utilize, in the…

SMEs play a key role in GDP growth and creating added value

To stay on that market, companies have to be competitive, to innovate and keep…

Consumption is the goal, investment is the means

Let’s not forget the economic crisis; it has taught us some lessons about consumption,…

The Right Moment

Lucian Anghel, president of the board of governors at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE)…

Confidence, a cornerstone of doing business in Europe

A straight forward view on Romania’s main priorities, by Petre Bunescu, Chairman of the…