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Meaningful innovation can unlock the potential of a digital economy

Interview with Daniel Rusen, Director of Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Romania

Romania is Betting high on Renewable Energy

Interview with Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-President - ANRE

SMART Transformation of Energy Companies is the Future of the Energy Sector

Interview with Ondrej Safar, Country Manager - CEZ Group in Romania

The Drilling Roulette

We operate a concession in Suceava area, while Chevron focuses on an adjacent area…

Watch out for Energy Watchdog!

2011 and especially 2012 were special. The drought affected the production of large hydro…

Coal fears no weather

Romania registered an installed wind energy capacity of 14 MW in 2009 and reached…

Balancing the system

A correct solution would have been that along with developing of the renewable energy…

The right way? The Green way

Energy as strategic sector needs more than ever, a predictable business environment. During…

Reviewing the package of regulations in the energy sector

Taking "immediate measures" again, as the authorities did it for the last 10 years,…

The need for the predictable energy sector

Key word in energy is investment in a stable, predictable business environment. Latest…