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Implementation of the new NIS2 Directive, in a straight line. What are the news for companies?

Authors: Robert Girdoc, Senior Manager and Razvan Cioc, Manager

Deloitte study: the personal car remains the Romanians’ preferred transportation mode

For it they are willing to pay extra for improved safety systems and alternative…

To BePM or not to BePM?

Opinion article by Andrei Paraschiv, Senior Manager Consulting, Deloitte Romania

Digital Disruptors: The Global Competitive Landscape of Digital Wallet

Digital wallet adoption in the West needs that extra incentive to convince consumers of…

Aligning the team for the success of the company

Author: Alina Fanita, CEO and Partner, PKF Finconta

EY Romania report: Renewables can accelerate the decarbonisation of the Romanian energy sector, but public initiatives must be synchronised with business intentions

In Romania, the decarbonisation of the energy sector is largely based on the support…

Strategic Themes in Food and Nutrition: Coronavirus Update

By Tom Rees: Industry Manager, Food and Nutrition

PwC Top 100 listed companies in the world:  Strong recovery in market value in the second quarter after the decline caused by the pandemic outbreak

The Global Top 100 companies ranks the largest public companies by their market capitalisation…

Libra Internet Bank updates its core-banking system to develop new applications useful to customers

Libra Internet Bank becomes the first bank in Romania to use the R19 version…

Update on EU countries measures on COVID-19

The latest edition of the booklet reflecting recent major measures adopted in the fiscal,…

EU countries measures on COVID-19 under magnifying glass

Facing the sever public health emergency, the coronavirus pandemic, the EU countries prepared…