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New regulatory requirements in the banking industry: constraints or development opportunities?

Opinion material by Dimitrios Goranitis, Partner, Andrada Tanase, Director, and Andrei…

How we build the resilience of companies

Author: Alina Fanita, CEO and Partner, PKF Finconta

PwC forecasts: Global economy will advance by 4.5% in 2022 if the impact of Omicron is limited

The baseline scenario of the report is based on the premise that this year…

The revolution of agility, from adoption to scaling up

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends, and Technologies Expert

In new times, new leaders

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends, and Technologies Expert

The benefits of agile leadership

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends and Technologies Expert

Fiscal amnesty 3.0 - new facilities granted to taxpayers, other uncertainties

Opinion material by Emanuel Bondalici, Managing Associate, and Elena Moroiu, Associate,…

PwC global survey: More than half of employees think few people will have stable long-term employment in the future

For many employees, that insecurity increases work-related anxiety, which has already…

Operations redesign is important to recover from the crisis

Author: Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner, PKF Finconta

Talent and corporate responsibility top the list of CEO concerns in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

As a result of COVID-19, it has been identified risk of lack of talent…

Talent in Digital Times

Freestyle dance on the pandemic wire!

90% of companies believe that deferral of tax obligations payment is the most useful of the fiscal measures taken in the current context

Many companies find it difficult to provide liquidity and need government support