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We make responsible choices, for people, communities, and the environment

Coca-Cola HBC Romania publishes its eighth Sustainability Report: steady progress in resource…

Deloitte-MIT Sloan Management Review study: companies increasingly rely on technology-based solutions such as artificial intelligence, robots or mobile applications

This is necessary for filling workforce shortage

Skills that define a successful CEO

Author: Alina Fanita, CEO and Partner, PKF Finconta

A survey by Valoria and Mind Shop: 79% of marketing managers have as their main goal the efficient generation of results in 2022

Marketing in 2022 will be characterized by the effort of companies to execute their…

Five key topics on the business leaders’ agenda for 2022

Author: Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner, PKF Finconta

What is the impact of the leader in the transformation process

Author: Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner, PKF Finconta

2022, the year when resilience meets agility

Authors: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends & Technologies Expert, Valoria; Dumitru…

Valoria survey: 78% of companies, compared to 53% at the beginning of the year, say that employee salaries have increased in 2021

The 10th edition of the survey “The business outlook in Romania" conducted by Valoria…

How do companies miss the goal of being agile?

Author: Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner, PKF Finconta

In new times, new leaders

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends, and Technologies Expert

Valoria survey: 76% of companies have increased CSR budgets in 2021

The results of the current edition indicate a natural search for ways to respond…