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Deloitte study: 90% of companies see cloud technology as essential for growth, digital transformation and competitiveness in the marketplace

The report underlines that cloud investment increases efficiency and agility, creates…

5 tips for the first-time managers

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Expert Trends and Emerging Technologies

Transform Your Innovation Strategy with Megatrends

You might be familiar with industry trends. But what about megatrends?

10 essential skills for CEOs in 2023

Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria Business Solutions

Schneider Electric doubles down on sustainable, digital industrial transformation at Hannover Messe

The innovations Schneider Electric is announcing at the event span its IoT-enabled, plug-and-play,…

KPMG Private Enterprise Global Family Tax Monitor: Large differences in tax paid for generational transfers across jurisdictions

This is the conclusion of the latest KPMG Private Enterprise Global Family Business Tax…

Orange Romania is involved in 6 Horizon Europe innovation projects that will contribute to the sustainable development of 5G and open the way to 6G

Horizon Europe is an ambitious research and innovation program funded by the European…

Efficient practices to lead hybrid teams

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Expert Trends and Emerging Technologies

Microsoft Envision Romania - technology and digital innovations redefine the development of organizations in a world based on hyper-connectivity, automation and AI progress

A recent study by PwC shows that almost half of the leaders of companies…

Deloitte study: insurers face challenges on growth and profitability in 2023

But they also have new opportunities stemming from cyber insurance, transition to green…

Working from home, digitalization and the diversification of IT threats increase the security risks for companies in Romania

Cyber crime is a field that is in constant innovation and knows a very…

Agile thinking, the asset of successful people

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Expert Trends and Emerging Technologies