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Efficient practices to lead hybrid teams

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Expert Trends and Emerging Technologies

Mazars’ record global revenues confirm strength of its international, integrated, multidisciplinary strategy

Mazars releases its global financial results for the 2021/2022 financial year, highlighting…

Colliers: Remote working is already part of the new normal

Companies are prioritizing flexibility and they are redesigning and rethinking office…

eJobs survey: 46% of employees currently work exclusively from the office. Almost 20% continue to work 100% remotely, and the rest have a hybrid program

The employer's flexibility remains a decisive criterion when it comes to changing jobs:…

eJobs study: 39% of employees and candidates receive at least one new job offer every month, and 74% are approached by recruiters several times a year

22,000 new jobs have been posted since the beginning of the year on eJobs.ro

The five megatrends that will prevail in 2023

Authors: Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria Business Solutions and Dumitru Ion, CEO,…

Five management trends to watch in 2023

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends and Technologies Expert

Review & Trends 2023: Top of the most wanted jobs at the beginning of the year

Sales agent, junior banker, data entry operator, debit collection operator and cashier…

PwC report: European green car sales fall in second quarter after record increases in 2021

The decrease in sales reflects the increasing problems of manufacturers with the lack…

Equatorial Study, part of the Bittnet Group, together with Reveal Marketing Research: The hybrid work model tests the interpersonal skills of IT team leaders

New forms of work organization have led 67% of IT team leaders to develop…

Deloitte study: most working women feel an increasing level of stress, many are facing burnout and plan to resign

On the other hand, the study shows a significant difference in the status and…