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Mystery solved: The case for operationalizing analytics

Operationalizing analytics saves valuable insights

Renewable energy sector is expected to bounce back quickly despite the impact of COVID-19

The latest index considers the potential impact of the pandemic, looking at the resiliency…

International reserves – May 2020

On 31 May 2020, the National Bank of Romania’s foreign exchange reserves stood at…

Coronavirus Pandemic to Change Consumer Payments

The economic shock has already manifested itself in a variety of ways across industries,…

How Will Coronavirus Impact the Global Economy?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented an unprecedented shock to the global…

Insolvency prevention and insolvency procedures during the alert state - the first measures adopted in the context of the current pandemic

Opinion material by Florentina Munteanu, Partner, Miruna Stanciu, Senior Associate, and…

Balance of payments and external debt – March 2020

Data are updated on a monthly basis

Steps to resume B2B sales in a world affected by COVID-19

During the two months of emergency, declining or even lack of demand in many…

Coronavirus Global Economic Outlook: April 2020

Advanced economies are expected to be the hardest hit in this recession

Why the most significant macroeconomic risk is not the upcoming recession, but the collapse of the Euro and the European Union

by Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk and Regulatory Advisory Partner, Deloitte Romania

Introducing Euromonitor’s Coronavirus Economic Scenarios

This article is focusing on how the outbreak is affecting industries

Additional legislation on the facilities granted to the debtors under loan agreements

A summary of the main aspects or clarifications brought in by the Rules