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Deloitte study: Eight out of ten companies in Romania expect a high or very high impact of national and European circular economy regulations

70% estimate that state subsidies are not sufficient

Deloitte study: Circular economy can reduce by almost one third the global resource and material consumption, without affecting the goods supply and quality

However, the pace of the transition toward circular economy stays under-sized compared…

Deloitte study: Transition toward green economy can create 300 million new jobs worldwide by 2050

It can also contribute to reducing the development gap between regions and continents

Deloitte study: Three quarters of companies increased their sustainability investments in 2022, and climate change is one of the management teams’ top priorities

Climate change ranks among the top three priorities on the management teams’ agenda

Deloitte study: half of Romanians want to buy electric cars to reduce the fuel cost and to protect the environment

Charging infrastructure remains their main concern

Deloitte study: more than half of the local companies have plans to reduce carbon emissions, which will be funded mainly from internal sources and EU funds

Local companies operating in the manufacturing, financial services and consumer business…

Deloitte study: 90% of institutional investors consider climate change risks before deciding to invest in a company

As the focus on climate change intensifies, companies are increasing their public commitment…