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Valoria survey: 67% of companies rely on streamlining their product/service portfolio and sales channels to grow in 2021

The new edition of the study "Evolution of business in Romania" conducted by Valoria…

Startup for large companies’ growth

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends, and Technologies Expert

What will matter in 2021? Relevant trends and forecasts

Author: Elena Badea, Managing Partner, Valoria Business Solutions

2020, the year that changed everything

Authors: Elena Badea, Managing Director, Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends & Technologies…

Agile innovativeness is king

Author: Jana Rude, Research Project Manager

The digital transformation of companies gets viral during crisis

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends and Technologies Expert

Companies active on the retail segment, that own or lease industrial spaces, are counting on eCommerce development to recover the losses generated by effects of the Covid-19 epidemics

A multi-channel approach for logistics and industrial companies active in retail is expected…

7 marketing and sales challenges in the post-COVID economy

Author: Elena Badea, Managing Partner, Valoria Business Solutions

Only one in four companies integrates all sales channels available

According to a SAP study, the world leader on the business software solutions and…

Meeting the post-financial crisis challenges: five steps for European banks to shape up

How can banks respond to a changing regulatory regime, meet their customer’s needs and…

The need to move forward

It has been more than four years since we started to use in Romania…