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Vienna Insurance Group outperforms all key figures for 2021

Major support campaign for our Ukrainian colleagues

Seven business trends for 2022

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emergent Trends & Technologies Expert

DRUID is the technology company with the fastest natural growth in Central Europe over the last three years, according to Deloitte 2021 CE Technology Fast 50 ranking

FintechOS is also among the fastest growing start-ups in the region

Balance of payments and external debt – September 2021

In January - September 2021, total external debt increased by EUR 6,826 million

Romania is drastically taxing the sale of non-performing loans. What do other countries do?

Opinion article by Alexandra Smedoiu, Partner, Anca Ghizdavu, Senior Manager, and Cristina…

Fiscal risk assessment

Author: Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner, PKF Finconta

Balance of payments and external debt – June 2021

The surplus on secondary income and that on services decreased by EUR 276 million…

Balance of payments and external debt – May 2021

Long-term external debt at end-May 2021 totalled EUR 92,193 million, down 0.7 percent…

The Rise of Digital Payments in Latin America

By Joao Garcia and Valerie de la Fuente

PwC Report: The future of payments is cashless, digital transactions to almost triple by 2030

Digital payments, such as those made with a mobile phone, buying a bus ticket…

European citizens believe health sector, small business, creating new jobs and digital should be focus of EU pandemic Recovery Funds

According to a new survey of 15,000 Europeans across 15 countries from Vodafone’s think…

Single declaration, 2021 edition - what is changing compared to previous years and what ambiguities remain

Opinion material by Radu Derscariu, Director, and Simona Badoiu, Manager, Global Employer…