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A global rebalancing of the labor market is in sight: companies are redefining their processes, investing in automation and becoming more selective in the recruitment process

Author: Gabriela Batir, Senior Manager People&Organization

The month of September reopened Romanians' appetite for changing the job

Almost one million applications were registered in the last month, 10% more than in…

Strong return to the labor market for startups and small companies: over 100,000 new jobs in the first 8 months of the year and almost 2.5 million applications

Thus, from January to August, over 100,000 jobs were posted on eJobs.ro by recruiters…

Colliers: The e-commerce sales boom is slowing down, which is an important signal of a more restrained consumer in the big cities, where the vast majority of online sales are made

In brick and mortar formats discounters are gaining even more market share

OLX analysis: Revival of the labor market, in the summer of 2022

The interest of Romanians for a job this summer is increasing

Colliers: The logistics and industrial market continues to be the most dynamic real estate sector

With 5.6 million square meters of modern storage spaces at the end of 2021,…

BestJobs REPORT: The job offer exploded in the first half of 2022, with salaries and 14% higher in the areas with the largest staff deficit

1 recruitment announcement out of 5 includes the salary, setting a new trend for…

Deloitte study: most working women feel an increasing level of stress, many are facing burnout and plan to resign

On the other hand, the study shows a significant difference in the status and…

Labor market, 3 months after the lifting of restrictions: almost 130,000 new jobs and sudden growth in the areas most affected by the pandemic - tourism, hospitality, events

Contrary to expectations, the number of remote jobs is 3 times higher vs 2021

EJobs survey - Romanians' courage is at its peak: only 15% of employees would not change their job at this time

55% of those determined to resign would reconsider the decision if they received a…

EY study: Major change in the labor market - 43% of employees willing to give up their current job for a higher salary, better conditions and flexibility

Employees are determined to make a move, mainly out of a desire to get…

Hybrid work is becoming the norm on the Romanian labor market

Oana Munteanu, Director of People & Organization, PwC Romania and Gabriela Batir, Manager…