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The Coca-Cola System`s socio-economic impact in Romania: growth by more than 20% in 2021

Main indicators related to the entire value chain: €519 million value added, €229 million…

Ericsson ConsumerLab report: 31% of smartphone users in Romania intend to subscribe to 5G services in the next year

Entitled 5G: The Next Wave, the research was conducted among 1,100 users in Romania

First-time manager: opportunity or risk?

Author: Constantin Magdalina, Emerging Trends, and Technologies Expert

Building a Sustainable Strategy: A Guide for Business Leaders

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We make responsible choices, for people, communities, and the environment

Coca-Cola HBC Romania publishes its eighth Sustainability Report: steady progress in resource…

Travel and Hospitality: Global Outlook and Innovation Guide

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The largest study carried out by Ericsson, up to this point, shows that 5G technology paves the way to the metaverse

The implementation of 5G networks in more and more parts of the world marks…

Deloitte study: financial incentives are Romanians’ most important motivator for buying a new subscription or switching the provider

Romanians prefer to subscribe for telecommunications, utilities, television, and e-commerce,…

How To Drive Product Innovation Using Health Product Claims

Download the slides and recording from this on-demand webinar!

How To Drive Product Innovation Using Health Product Claims

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Deloitte study: parents concerned about the increasing prices for back-to-school products

More than a third expect higher spending this year