Timisoara Public Transport Company introduced the mobile payment of the public transport ticket through SMS   and the mobilePay Wallet application

Timisoara Public Transport Company introduced the mobile payment of the public transport ticket through SMS and the mobilePay Wallet application

For the first time in Romania, in Timisoara you can pay with your mobile phone including the trip by boat, along with the unique one-way ticket and the 1 day ticket for the land transport modes.

Starting this week, the inhabitants of Timisoara have access to the fastest and most innovative payment methods for travel titles operated by Timisoara Public Transport Company via SMS or the mobilePay Wallet application, the only digital wallet in Romania with which various payments can be made in all environments - in online merchants' stores, cash registers or in taxi cars or directly in the invoice and other services application.

With the introduction of the possibility of payment via SMS and through the mobilPay Wallet, residents of Timisoara can quickly and easily pay for public transport directly from mobile phone at any time and any day of the week, without cash or no longer depending on the point of sale program.

They can pay for travel titles directly by SMS if they send a message to 7442 with the text B followed by the line number, for 1 trip of 60 minutes, V text for 1 boat trip and ZI for the 1 day card valid on the current day.

Users instantly receive via SMS confirmation with the ticket code and the duration of the purchased travel title to be submitted for check.

To pay with the card through your mobilePay Wallet electronic wallet, customers can download the app free from the Google Play or App Store on any Android or iOS device.

Thus, the user chooses the type of ticket and the desired line, confirms the payment by choosing one of the Visa or Mastercard cards already saved in the application and receives immediately for control, by SMS and in the transaction history of the application, the confirmation of payment accompanied by the ticket code and the length of validity of the purchased travel title.

The first payment made in this way will be saved automatically in the application with all its details, for future and faster payments, with a single click.

"Timisoara Public Transport Company is adapting to the requirements and tendencies regarding the acquisition of the travel titles directly from the means of public transport through the SMS and the mobilePay Wallet application, two easy and efficient payment systems for the passengers" said Nicolae Bitea, General Manager of Timisoara Public Transport Company.

Currently, with mobilePay Wallet or SMS payment services operated by NETOPIA Payments, users can pay their travel titles for public transportation in Cluj-Napoca, Ploiesti, Turda, Alba Iulia, Constanta, Resita and Timisoara. The first pay-TV service was activated by the company in 2015. Over the last year NETOPIA Payments processed over 4 million transport tickets.