The revolutionary Gaming + technology from HONOR, graphics performance at MWC 2019

The revolutionary Gaming + technology from HONOR, graphics performance at MWC 2019

Gaming + brings higher speeds, better image quality and fidelity to another level for mobile gaming

HONOR, one of the top e-brands of smartphones, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC 2019) the revolutionary Gaming + technology.

Gaming + includes a series of technology updates that significantly enhance the performance, graphics quality and fidelity of the mobile game image on HONOR View20. These upgrades come after HONOR announced an application ecosystem using the TOF 3D camera announcing a new AR era, as well as the new Fortnite HONOR Guard outfit for HONOR View20 users.

George Zhao, president of HONOR, said: "Honor announces with joy that the most recent member of the HONOR View series, HONOR View20, has already reached the 1.5 million sales. We are one step closer to our goal of becoming one of the top five smartphone brands in three years. With the revolutionary Gaming + technology, we've even improved the graphics performance of smartphones, meeting the growing demands of young consumers for a better mobile gaming experience. Together with the futuristic applications of the 3D TOF camera and the new Fortnite HONOR Guard outfit, Honor brings exceptional and varied experiences to consumers."

GAMING + and more entertainment for gamers

HONOR View20 was launched last month in Paris with five world premiere functions, including: 48MP camera, 25MP front panel integrated screen, AI 7in Kirin 980 chipset, AI Wi-Fi Triple-Antenna technology and design with aurora nanotechnology.
Gaming + improves gaming experience by upgrading the system, improving GPU efficiency, GPU load optimization, AI load and high definition prediction technology. With these benefits, HONOR View20 offers the highest level of performance for mobile games.

The new Gaming + technology improves SOC energy efficiency by 20.34%.
Updating the Mali-G76 GPU chipset includes transformation optimization that improves job scheduling and parallel computing. This reduces duplicate instructions and excess GPUs and increases data transfer speed between CPU, GPU and memory. In addition, the GPU works perfectly with AI's innovative AI technology to program frequency modulation to anticipate tasks by monitoring frame rate per second (fps), image quality and real-time touchscreen inputs, and intelligently identifying blockages of performance. For games, the new AI technology improves the precision of the loading prediction for each frame by over 30% compared to traditional methods. Another key feature, GPU optimization, improves image quality and reduces power consumption. In addition, the upgrade generates high-definition gaming capabilities, delivering better contrast, higher levels of brightness and a wider palette of colors.

As a result of this upgrade, the Fortnite Vulkan version can also be supported on HONOR View20, giving players a quicker and easier experience. In addition, popular mobile games such as QQ Speed ​​and Arena of Valor have been optimized to support this high-definition feature. Gamers can now experience greater clarity and more detail.

Creating a close relationship with fans is an essential value for the HONOR brand. To celebrate the launch of HONOR View20, HONOR collaborates with Epic Games to take the Fortnite mobile game experience to new heights. In this collaboration, HONOR View20 owners will have exclusive access to Fortnite HONOR Guard Outfit. As of February 25, HONOR View20 users have the opportunity to claim exclusive outfit at www.hihonor.com

In addition, the TOON 3D camera of HONOR View20 creates a new dimension of interactive games and more possibilities for the next generation AR. It is equipped with depth detection capabilities, skeleton recognition and real-time motion capture capabilities, allowing consumers to enjoy different interactive features such as 3D modeling, calorie counting through AI, controlled games the Magic AR and 3D motion. Brave Jelly is the latest motion-controlled game of this family. In the future, HONOR plans to collaborate with several third parties to create an integrated 3D TOF ecosystem that will open a new era for AR, social media and shopping.

HONOR View 20 gets a lot of appreciation from the media

Since the global launch in January, the design and superior features of HONOR View 20 have been widely recognized by industry experts and consumers. The phone has received media ratings and influences, including 5 star ratings from the most prestigious industry publications:

  • 5 Star rating from Stuff - "Honor enters the first league with one of the most impressive phones in his class."
  • 5 Star Rating from The Guardian - "It's the first distinctive phone with a hole-shaped cut."
  • 5 Star rating from T3 - "Honor View 20 is the best mid-range smartphone on the market today."
  • 5 Star Rating from Expert Reviews - "With its screen-mounted self-image camera and 48MP main camera, the Honor View20 is one of the most attractive phones in the past."

HONOR View20 has achieved excellent sales and regional performance. In China, HONOR View20 is a double champion (sales and sales revenue) on online platforms in the price range of 3000 RMB and over. In the first week since its launch in France, the newest top of the range has become the Best Seller No. 1 on the Amazon in the 499 euro and over category. He also received the prize for most smartphone sales at Senheng, one of the leading independent traders in Malaysia.