The HR community has chosen its leaders for the next 3 years

The community of human resources professionals in Romania (HR Club) has chosen, by vote, the new Managing Council, for the 2015-2018 mandate. 202 votes were expressed, of which 184 electronically and 18 as part of the general gathering of the HR Club members on April 16th.

HR Club’s Managing Council for the 2015-2018 mandate is formed of:

President of the Managing Council

• Radu Mavrodin, Human Resources Director, Oyak – Renault Turkey


Members of the Managing Council
• Adela Jansen, Human Resources Executive Director, BRD Groupe Societe Generale
• Andreea Voinea, Human Resources Executive Director, BCR
• Dana Roman (Barbara), Human Resources Manager - Eastern Europe, Tenaris
• Florin-Ioan Petean, Executive Director, Management Development Center
• Horatiu Cocheci, Senior Manager, Leader Human Resources Consultancy Department, PricewaterhouseCoopers
• Marius Decuseara-Brandenburg, Managing Partner, Trend Consult Romania


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.