Star Storage launches StarCapture 5 – smart archiving software for documents

Leading provider for storage and information management solutions (data and documents), announces the launching of the next document archiving software, StarCapture 5.

The new series of archiving software comprises a complete range of applications for data and documents’ capture and conversion, allowing the companies to extract the printed information and decrease the costs resulted from document management.


This means that the paper documents must always be kept as close as possible to the workspace.
StarCapture is an application that converts paper documents into an electronic format, so that the information is made available easy and quick, through a single click. By integrating StarCapture with other systems (for instance, ERP or CRM Document Management systems), the information initially included in paper documents is immediately made available to all the users.


StarCapture can be used in many scenarios, such as:

  • the scanning and distribution of incoming correspondence of the enterprise
  • the keeping of exact electronic copies of the documents generated by the enterprise
  • Electronic archiving: build of an electronic document archive (for instance, pay rolls, pay slips, technical data sheets, official documents).

Star Capture is available in three versions: StarCapture Enterprise, StarCapture Standard and StarCapture Mobile.


StarCapture Enterprise- this version is designed for companies that process extremely large volumes of documents, through well-structured work processes and with specialized personnel. Such a process requires not only an efficient product, but also advanced quality control functions for the flow process: from the preparation of the paper documents, through scanning, verification, validation and up to the export of the information in the final management systems. Accessible through Web browsers, StarCapture Enterprise modules are thus easily distributed and managed within an organization. Recognition of information from documents, such as data from supplier's invoices, thus becomes much easier.


StarCapture Standard - a versatile product, easy to install and use, targeting companies and enterprises with various document scanning and conversion needs, both for departments, as well as for entire enterprises. It can process any type of electronic file, not only scanned images. The great advantage is that it can work both offline and online, connected to a server. Also, its management can be centralized, local, or mixed. Thus, the application fulfill the needs of organizations with a large number of workstations for which does not always exist online access to data servers of the companies and without having a 100% permanent link to a central location.


StarCapture Mobile - much more than a simple tool for capture, StarCapture Mobile is a precise solution for a specific business need: bringing sales force closer to the customers. Through this solution, the actions of new customers registration, such as creating a new bank account, subscribing to a new service, extending a contract or selling of personalized products, can be significantly automated. StarCapture Mobile is specially designed to take advantage of Windows 8 tablets, both for specific functions (e.g. signature, photos making and processing, data recognition). and for a maximum ergonomics and and an exceptional presentation. that can be shared also with customers.