Premiere for food retail:  Mastercard and Carrefour Romania launches Mastercard - Payment in installments

Premiere for food retail: Mastercard and Carrefour Romania launches Mastercard - Payment in installments

Mastercard, a technology company in the global payment industry, and Carrefour Romania, one of the largest players on the retail market in the country, launches the Mastercard - Payment in installments service for the first time in the food retail area.

The Mastercard - Payment in Installments service, launched in Romania at the end of the year 2016, offers Mastercard cardholders issued by the bankers enrolled in the program, the possibility to opt for direct payment at POS in a large number of locations in the country, regardless of the bank with which the store works. Users will benefit from expanded purchasing power, flexibility in terms of payment method, and better control of spending and finance.

Starting with October, Carrefour customers will be able to pay in cash the products purchased with Mastercard cards enrolled in the Payment in installments service.
At the cash register, after inserting the PIN, the terminal will display the options available to pay installments, depending on card configuration. Through the service offered in collaboration with Mastercard, Carrefour will be able to enable both new and existing clients to program their payroll cycle, thus achieving tangible benefits for making payments.

"From the very beginning, the 'Mastercard - Payment in Rate' service was quickly adopted by Romanian consumers: 1 out of 3 Mastercard eligible for this service opted for this payment method. We can only enjoy such an adoption rate that demonstrates the usefulness of Mastercard's service and its relevance to Romanian consumers, some of the most interested European consumers of new technologies and how they can make their lives easier " said Mihaela Ciupala, Product Management Director, Mastercard Romania.

"We are very proud of the solid partnership we have built with Mastercard Romania and the good results we have achieved together. Impact among customers is significant, especially through projects that have stimulated payment with its contactless card and we are happy to be able to scale this positive effect by launching Mastercard - Payment in Installments. We focus our efforts on the quality of services we offer to our customers and on innovation, offering multiple payment tools for a better shopping experience, providing them with state-of-the-art retail technologies. For example, we have already introduced Self Check-out cash registers in over 15 units, hypermarkets and supermarkets, with customers able to scan and pay for their own products. All these facilities allow our customers connected to new technologies to pay their purchases extremely quickly and safely, "explained Alexandra Pescaru, Manager Services Sector, Carrefour Romania.

Starting with October this year, Mastercard card users can choose any of the locations that display the Mastercard - Payment in Installments logo, regardless of the store partner's bank.