Paralela 45 and DeMoga Music are flying you to Mykonos

Paralela 45 and DeMoga Music have kick-started a new project: ‘Paralela 45 and DeMoga Music are flying you to Mykonos’. The competition takes place between 24 July 2015 – 04 August 2015, on DeMoga Music Facebook page.

‘After the success of the Music Camp, we have decided, together with Marius Moga, to begin a project with an attractive prize and a easy to use registration mechanism designed for young people who appreciate music and wish to test their creativity. We have already noticed, amongst the dozens of comments enrolled in the competition many good lyrics, so Paralela 45 promises the winner will have a vacation from where to return inspired’, declared Alin Burcea, President of Paralela 45.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.