Oil factory ARGUS S.A. celebrates its 70th anniversary

Oil factory ARGUS S.A. celebrates its 70th anniversary

Listed since 2002 on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the history of Argus S.A. is a fully successful Romanian business model.

The story of the ARGUS oil factory begins 70 years ago, being one of the most representative companies in Romania in the field of oilseed processing.

Thus, as early as 1948, the company wanted to offer quality products, nationally recognized, oils that enjoy the continuous and sustained appreciation of consumers.

Listed since 2002 on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the history of Argus S.A. is a fully successful Romanian business model that has passed the test of time, has grown, evolved, cultivated tradition and consolidated a native brand that can compete with similar European products at any time.

Thus, during the centenary, this anniversary reconfirms the value of Romanian companies and the confidence of investors in the capital market.

"Argus S.A. is a Romanian brand, among the few that have survived over time and as such it is a duty for us to take this name further. Our primary goal, assumed, is that our products and services meet customer needs, be safe for their health, while paying attention to protecting the environment. With a stable and strong shareholder - SIF Oltenia, Argus S.A. leads the tradition further, with a modern approach, adapted to the demands of the domestic and foreign markets.
The portfolio of sales contracts, both nationally and internationally, covers the year 2019, which confirms the company's upward trend both in terms of turnover and in obtaining positive economic and financial results, "he said Niculescu Emilian, General Manager ARGUS SA.

Since its establishment ARGUS S.A. has declared itself as a promoter and supporter of the oil plant industry in Romania, being an important vector in the production of vegetable oils by processing sunflower and rapeseed seeds, producing crude oil, refined oil, protein crops and other by-products.

Over time, society has gone through various stages, due both to the evolution of the market and to the political regimes:

  • ARGUS Oil Factory was founded in 1943 under the name S.A.R. ARGUS, being a private company with Romanian capital.
  • In 1948, the nationalization and change of the name in "Constanta Oil Company" took place, the unit operating under this name until the fall of the communist regime.
  • In 1968, an investment was started for the construction of a modern factory with a larger production capacity, the two units operating together until 1980, when the old unit was decommissioned.
  • After 1990 he returned to the old name, Argus.
  • Between 1994 and 1996 the company's privatization process followed, ARGUS becoming a public company, with a privately owned capital, representing a success of the MEBO privatization method.

Since its establishment in the commercial society, ARGUS has invested in modernizing and refurbishing bottling lines and the refinery, wishing to maintain the high standard of products, but also to upgrade systems to a superior and competitive level, thus that the oils they produce keep their place in the preferences of the consumers.

ARGUS S.A. is today a well established company with a tradition in Romania but successfully managed to gain recognition in other countries, as well as the top positions it holds in the rankings and studies regarding the vegetable oils on the Romanian market.