Number of companies, down by 8.4pct in 2011 (INS)

The total number of companies in industry, construction, trade and services decreased in 2011 by 8.4 percent compared with 2010, and 40 percent of the total number of companies were active mainly in the field of services, according to data released on Monday by the National Institute of Statistics.

The total number of companies stood at 430,608, of which 172,290 in services, 165,100 in trade and 43,503 in construction.

At the end of 2011, a number of 49,715 companies were active in industry, respectively 11.6 percent of all companies operting in the economic field.

In 2011, the average number of employees increased by 3.6 percent compared to 2010. Industrial companies have the largest share in what concerns the average number of employees (36 percent), followed by those in services (31 percent). The average size of an industrial firm was about 28 employees, while in trade it was about five employees.

As concerns the turnover, the largest share was held by companies with trade as its main activity (39.7 percent), construction companies accounting for only 7.7 percent.

The Gross Added Value to the cost factor was obtained in 2011, in the proportion of 42.1 percent, in industry, 9.1 percent in construction, 17.7 percent in trade and 31.1 percent in services.