NN Romania launches NN Premium Care Abroad, a new critical illness insurance that offers access to a dedicated coordinating doctor in 2 hours

NN Romania launches NN Premium Care Abroad, a new critical illness insurance that offers access to a dedicated coordinating doctor in 2 hours

It covers medical expenses of over 2 million euro for treatment abroad

NN Romania announces the launch of NN Premium Care Abroad, a complete health protection solution for critical illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular bypass surgery, neurosurgery or transplant. With NN Premium Care Abroad, each case is taken over within 2 working hours, and clients benefit from a dedicated coordinating doctor, from the initial suspicion to diagnosis, high-precision treatment abroad, and post-treatment in Romania, with coverage of over 2 million euro for medical expenses throughout the case.

"We discussed with thousands of Romanians and we understood that, when a critical condition occurs, people want a quick diagnosis and the most effective treatment possible for their needs, without worrying about money. In such a moment, they rely on medical services in Romania, but they also know that there are institutions abroad that specialize in various critical illnesses and that can complement the treatment plan, based on extensive research, advanced technologies, and precision medicine. NN Premium Care Abroad was created based on the current needs of those facing serious health conditions, offering people complete protection for critical illnesses and fast medical and financial support so they can take care of what matters most. And the first customers have already confirmed that the solution offers them more peace of mind and a relevant safety net for the challenging moments that can happen in life", explains Gabriela Lupas-Ticu, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at NN Romania.

NN Premium Care Abroad offers protection to people up to 85 years old residing in Romania, regardless of citizenship, including children from the first day of life. The insurance can be purchased for the entire family, with a cost starting from 176 lei per month for each insured person, calculated based on age. The protection solution covers four categories of critical illnesses: cancer, including leukemia, sarcoma, lymphoma, melanoma, or in-situ cancer, cardiovascular bypass surgery, neurosurgery and the treatment of benign tumors on the spinal cord, as well as organ, bone marrow, or peripheral blood stem cell transplant.

When there is a suspicion of a serious illness, time is critical for diagnosis and treatment. To benefit from NN Premium Care Abroad, clients notify NN, they are contacted within 2 working hours, and then benefit from a top medical concierge. Thus, a dedicated coordinating doctor takes over the case within the next 24 working hours and further coordinates the entire diagnostic process. They analyze the medical history, evaluate the health condition, and provide guidance for consultations and additional investigations in top clinics in Romania for a faster diagnosis. Furthermore, NN facilitates access to a second medical opinion and treatment in hospitals and medical institutions abroad, except in the USA, Japan, and Switzerland.

"NN Premium Care Abroad differentiates through its extensive coverage and support, from suspicion to treatment, including diagnosis, personalized treatment plan, and high-precision medicine abroad, as well as the necessary medication and care after returning in Romania, with expenses covered directly by NN. All these benefits have been created out of our care for customers and our desire to be there for them at every step in their fight against a critical illness, the way they need", said Cristina Netea, Head of Value Proposition and Health Business at NN Romania.

At the same time, the insurance covers additional expenses, providing customers with 15,000 lei that they can use as needed, without justification, including for travel or accommodation abroad with a family member, and offers an amount of money for each day of hospitalization in clinics and hospitals abroad.

The insurance can be purchased through a digital process, based on an online discussion with one of the 1,600 financial consultants and managers in the country. The sale takes place and the contract is issued online, in a very short time, often not exceeding an hour from digital signing and payment. Furthermore, through the NN Direct mobile app, customers have access at any time, directly on their phones, to all information about their insurance, can make payments, and update their personal data. And when there is a suspicion of a critical illness and customers need to access the benefits of NN Premium Care Abroad, they can announce the situation through NN Direct, in a few simple steps that take only a few minutes.

About NN Romania

NN is the first international life insurance company to enter the Romanian market, in 1997, and has been active in the private pensions segment for 15 years, being a leader in its markets. At the same time, NN also expanded in recent years into the health and home insurance segments in Romania. NN currently has 500 employees and 1,600 financial consultants and managers in its sales force and supports over 2.3 million insurance and about pension clients, a quarter of Romania's working population, to protect what matters most to them.

NN Romania is part of the NN Group, a financial services company with a history of more than 175 years of international operations and a strong presence in 11 countries, with a total of more than 16,000 employees and over 20 million clients. NN Group has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 2014 and is always there for its clients with responsibility and sustained commitments.

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