Konica Minolta Launches AccurioPro Connect, an innovative software to optimize workflow

Konica Minolta Launches AccurioPro Connect, an innovative software to optimize workflow

Konica Minolta launches AccurioPro Connect, an innovative workflow management solution that automates pre-processed processing to help customers save time and reduce costs.

Designed on an expanded portfolio of industry-leading digital printing software solutions, this innovative application is the central pillar of the AccurioPro software class, a vast array of modular tools and solutions designed to increase profitability in the context of industry's ongoing development and change needs.

AccorioPro Connect from Konica Minolta is configured very easily, providing customized and intuitive workflows that reduce the incidence of human errors and the costs they generate. Based on the Dispatcher® Phoenix application, AccurioPro Connect automates processes at maximum efficiency with simplified functionality without compromising print quality. Its innovative specifications ensure optimal productivity in the printing process of various materials, facilitating working processes. The software solution offers special features dedicated to optimizing workflows.

AccurioPro Connect can connect with other software applications at the touch of a button or through a remote connection using a smartphone or computer. Printing processes, which normally require more manual operations, can now be fully automated, and important resources can be used for other purposes. Dedicated to industrial printing providers, the solution can be used for brochures, direct mail and general printing services, such as business cards or other office supplies.

Achim Ricks, Manager of Konica Minolta's Professional Printing Solutions Division, said: "Our customer feedback was extremely positive.Production processes that normally required an hour due to manual settings can now be done in just minutes. Depending on the project, with the AccurioPro Connect solution, companies can save a few hours a day and reduce labor costs. "

Charles Lissenburg, General Manager of the Professional Printing Solutions Division, said: "In an era of revolutionary technology and speed, the acquisition of new printing equipment is no longer sufficient to ensure profitability. Companies in the service area printing to invest in a range of solutions to optimize profitability and streamline workflows. AccurioPro Connect underscores Konica Minolta's commitment to supporting customers in order to increase profitability. It is an extremely important solution that allows the automation of a wide range of working processes. "