Intracom Telecom Announces FCC Compliant FCC Access and Transmission Solutions for US Market

Intracom Telecom Announces FCC Compliant FCC Access and Transmission Solutions for US Market

Intracom Telecom, a global provider of telecommunication systems and solutions, activating in Romania through Intrarom, announces the introduction of the new 39GHz bandwidth access and transmission lines.

The company exposes WiBAS ™ -Connect 39GHz and OmniBAS ™ -BX 39GHz FCC Compliant Access and its broadcast solutions at its S.2024 South Hall at the Mobile World Congress Americas, September 12-14, 2018, in Los Angeles.

WiBAS ™ -Connect, the company's main product dedicated to ultra-broadband access, is designed to operate at a frequency range of 39GHz, according to FCC regulations.

The product uses 100 MHz channels that provide a 1Gbps download speed per subscriber for fast upload and download.


Each base radio station is designed to serve up to 60 subscribers and has fully upgraded software.

The WiBAS ™ Connect platform includes features for massive subscription for subscribers and for automatic subscriber authentication.

WiBAS ™ Connect at 39GHz borrows all the core technologies from the platform that is already operational worldwide in the 10.5GHz, 26GHz and 28GHz bands, with subscribers benefitting from services with a download speed of 200Mbps.

OmniBAS ™ -BX is the latest product of the innovative Point-to-Point radio transmission and access portfolio.

Already available in the 18GHz frequency band and with the intention of introducing availability in the 13GHz and 38GHz bands in 2018, the company expands its product family with features compatible with the 39GHz frequency band and FCC-compatible for use on the US market.

The OmniBAS ™ -BX is a complete outdoor radio that includes some innovative transmission and networking features. These products are ready to accommodate a number of Layer-3 (IP / MPLS) and SDN protocols and allow upgrading 5G backhaul networks.

Intracom Telecom is committed to further strengthening and developing the 39 GHz band with technologies such as TDD, Directional Antenna, Beam Forming, and Better Bandwidth Algorithms.

John Tenidis, Director of Marketing for the Intracom Telecom Wireless Solutions Portfolio, said: "The need to launch FCC-compliant access and transmission lines in the 39GHz radio frequency band has been fueled by the need to serve US customers, a market that is the unquestionable leader for launching 5G networks using millimeter wave strips. Intracom Telecom is committed to serving its customers with innovative solutions including its top-of-the-line product, StreetNode ™ in the 28GHz and 60GHz band, providing ultra-broadband and minimum implementation effort ".