Intracom Telecom Among The Best Positioned Radio Suppliers Worldwide

Intracom Telecom Among The Best Positioned Radio Suppliers Worldwide

Intracom Telecom’s complete proposal for HW ODU, HW IDU and NOS SW ideally fulfils the OpenSoftHaul (OSH) requirements developed in TIP

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced today that it has been identified as a “best positioned supplier” for Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) OpenSoftHaul (OSH) global RFI, coordinated by the Wireless Backhaul Project Group (WBH PG). The WBH PG was organized and backed up by Axiata, Deutsche Telekom, MTN, Telefonica, and TIM Brasil.

More specifically, during TIP’s RFI process, more than twenty leading technology providers participated in the three main categories of the required solution:

· Full Outdoor Radios in microwave and millimetre-wave (HW ODU);

· IDU Whitebox solutions (HW IDU), and

· Operator configurable Network Operating System (NOS SW)

The providers were requested to share information on their current technical capabilities and supported features, as well as their strategy in developing solutions that meet the OSH technical requirements. Following a thorough technical evaluation by TIP members, Intracom Telecom’s proposed solution was found among the best positioned solutions in all three categories. This great technical achievement was based on the proposed solution architecture, its functionality, maturity & scalability, the openness and the roadmap features of the overall proposal.

Intracom Telecom’s fully outdoor solutions – microwave OmniBAS™ and millimetre-wave UltraLink™ product families – were found fully compliant in the HW ODU category and were among the best positioned radio solutions. Furthermore, in the categories of HW IDU and NOS SW the company’s proposals were again among the best, using solutions provided by our partner companies in the respective technologies.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed, CEO of Intracom Telecom, said: “We are honored to participate in this global RFI and also being acknowledged as one of the best MW and mmWave radio suppliers worldwide. Our vision, to enable life improving services with the use of technology comes in full alignment with Telecom Infra Project’s philosophy to enable global connectivity for all. This achievement is another milestone on our way to continue developing innovative radios that revolutionize wireless networks and empower high quality wireless access everywhere.”

The purpose of the WBH PG and specifically this RFI was to assess the global technology landscape for creating the first-in-the-world open and disaggregated wireless backhaul solution that will assist in overcoming various issues, such as delays in deployment & time to market, and configuration overlaps.

About Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor operating for over 40 years in the market. The company has become the benchmark in fixed wireless access and it successfully innovates in the 5G/4G wireless RAN transport and small-cell SON backhaul international arena. Intracom Telecom offers a comprehensive revenue-generating software solutions portfolio and a complete range of ICT services, focusing on IoT, SDN/NFV, Big Data analytics & data-driven intelligence, and Smart City solutions. Moreover, it addresses the Energy & Utilities industry, emphasizing on smart metering and end-to-end IT solutions. Intracom Telecom is also active in the defense systems sector providing security integrated systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance. The company has extensive know-how and a proven track record in the market, serving fixed and mobile telecom operators, public authorities and large public and private enterprises. Intracom Telecom maintains its own R&D and production facilities, and operates subsidiaries worldwide. For more information please visit: www.intracom-telecom.com