Inspire 2019: Microsoft announces new investments to expand partner opportunities

Inspire 2019: Microsoft announces new investments to expand partner opportunities

Microsoft announces new investments in technologies and programs designed to support the partner ecosystem. Investments aim to optimize Microsoft partner's commitment to the cloud era.

"Both our customers and our partners continue to migrate to the cloud and better outline their technological profile, giving us new opportunities in their partnerships," said Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft One Commercial Partner. "The portfolio of programs, offers and resources dedicated to our partners is constantly changing, precisely to help companies make the most of this technological evolution."

New features in Microsoft Teams

Just two years after launch, Teams has 13 million active daily users and 19 million active users per week. The company also announced the new features available in Microsoft Teams for each employee, including new ways to support healthcare organizations and employees who have direct customer contact. Additional integration of new partners includes support for support centers, compliance, and cloud service providers.

The new capabilities available in Microsoft Teams support the ability to work under the pressure of time. In the field of health care, Teams is an essential hub in coordinating patient care. Prior notifications warn recipients of messages that require an immediate response until a response is received. Notifications are sent over two minutes, up to 20 minutes, on your mobile device or desktop.

New Teams also help employees who have direct contact with clients to better manage their program and be in touch with other colleagues. Based on the capabilities already in the Teams, the new Time Clock feature allows employees to record their work and work time even through the mobile application. This feature is found in the Shifts in Teams module and allows managers to create and share work schedules with the team, giving employees the opportunity to request easier free time or changes to work schedules.

Dynamics 365 Updates

The company announced significant updates for the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and two new integrations for Dynamics 365 that address the automotive and financial services industry. Additionally, ISV Connect's application software program is available with new development and advisory tools, market resources, common field engagement processes, and go-to-market assistance.

Updating aims to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of nonprofit organizations by increasing data transparency, simplified implementation of solutions and increased operability within systems

Azure Lighthouse Presentation

Azure Lighthouse offers its partners a single control panel for viewing and managing Azure for all customers. This provides an optimized Azure management experience with more automation and efficiency, which leads to greater visibility and security for customers. It is for the first time that Microsoft designs a solution at this scale with partners and partners.

The Azure Migration Program

The new Azure Migration Program (AMP) helps customers make a smoother transition to Azure. AMP provides proactive counseling and tools to help mitigate risks and address common issues associated with migrating cloud workloads.

Expanding opportunities for partners

Since the start of the Microsoft Co-sell program, it has recorded annual $ 9.5 billion contract revenue.

  • Availability of Microsoft Security. This new feature allows partners to promote their acquired professional skills and at the same time gives them access to a range of benefits designed to facilitate growth and profit growth
  • Five Advanced Specializations. These include migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to Microsoft Azure, migrating Linux and Open Source databases to Microsoft Azure, migrating data warehouse (Data Warehouse) to Microsoft Azure, upgrading Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes Web applications to Microsoft Azure.
  • News in the Microsoft marketplace platform. New pricing models, a benefit program, and a new route to the market are launched for companies that publish tradable deals within Microsoft Marketplace.Through the platform, partners that publish SaaS software and services built into one or more Microsoft cloud (Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 Power Platform and Azure) will have access to new tools and a single onboarding process, to publish transactional bids in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. These offers can also be made available through Microsoft's global distribution channel, creating a new route to the market, which helps companies reach a larger number of customers. New pricing models within the Microsoft marketplace include monthly and annual SaaS billing, flexible and personalized billing options, standard contracts, and free SaaS testing periods that turn into paid commitments. A new Marketplace Rewards program will allow publishers to exploit their sales, marketing and technical benefits in expanding their business, which will help them further develop their business.

These announcements were made in the opening of the largest annual event dedicated to the company's Microsoft Inspire partner community, which runs during this time and until July 18 in Las Vegas. The event brings together thousands of people around the world for an authentic networking experience, collaboration and opportunities to gain valuable insights to enhance the profitability and progress of their partners on the market.

The event begins today with several keynote sessions - held by Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President - which can be watched live, starting at 18:30 local time on the Microsoft Inspire page. Wednesday, 17 July, starting at 18:30, Romania's local time, live and keynote sessions supported by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and Brad Smith, President of Microsoft.

More details about the most important announcements are available here.