Innova Project Consulting supports the entrepreneurial environment by organizing free seminars for sustainability or non-financial reporting

Innova Project Consulting supports the entrepreneurial environment by organizing free seminars for sustainability or non-financial reporting

Innova Project Consulting, one of the few consulting companies in Romania with a concrete experience in Sustainability and the author of the "Best Sustainability Report from Romania", awarded in the 2016 Deloitte Green Frog Award, continues this year the organization of seminars free of charge.

The meetings, held at the headquarters of the companies, last for 3 hours and aim to bring to the attention of the representatives of the organizations, what are the legislative requirements that they should take into consideration in 2019 and help them to understand the stages of a non-financial reporting process and how its benefits can be maximized.

This initiative comes to meet the local business environment in the context of businesses that are public interest entities having the obligation to produce non-financial (or Sustainability) reports starting in 2018 and organizations with more than 500 employees in 2019.

The documents, which give general information about the performance they have recorded, improve their reputation among the community, attract new clients, investors, lead to the establishment of new partnerships and even penetrate the value chains of multinational companies that request a certain level of performance in sustainable development - for their suppliers.

Organized since 2017 in companies in diverse fields - such as oil and gas, banking or retail, free seminars not only explain the company's legal requirements in detail, but also help them understand the stages of a reporting process and international standards can be used. All this information is provided applied, the discussions being made on concrete examples of reports.

The trainers, also founders of Innova Project Consulting - Mihaela Croitoru and Gaetano Casale, have extensive experience in business management and development of sustainable development strategies. Among the organizations that the two have brought expertise include OMV Petrom, Salrom S.A., Oltchim S.A. and Siveco Romania.

"A very small number of companies comply with legislation and publish reports or non-financial statements. At the same time, the vast majority of those who comply does not fully respect it.
For this reason, the beneficiaries - the stakeholders of the organizations do not receive really useful information about the company, to help them understand its real performance.
As early as 2017, the seminars are well received, the participants having the opportunity to understand how complex a reporting process is, and especially what are the benefits of their achievement, "says Gaetano Casale, Associate and Director of Innova Project Consulting
- one of the most experienced consultants in Romania in the field of sustainable development.

Innova Project Consulting, constantly active in educating the entrepreneurial and organizational environment

For 6 years on the Romanian market, Innova Project Consulting trainers organize not only free, short-term seminars, but also 2-3-day courses for a fee. An example of this is the two-day course dedicated to non-financial reporting, organized in 2018 at ROMGAZ.

As a provider authorized by the National Authority for Qualifications, Innova Project Consulting also has the opportunity to organize further training courses for the Social Responsibility Manager. At the end of this course, which lasts 40 hours, the participants who pass the graduation exam acquire a certificate - recognized by both the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education.

"Given the complexity of the reporting process and the fact that it reflects the social, economic, and environmental performance of a company, it is important that our seminars include representatives from all departments. Also, by participating at the seminar, people in the management of organizations can better understand both a reporting process and how to better allocate human, financial and time resources, "adds Mihaela Croitoru, Associate and Director of Innova Project Consulting and a consultant with experience in business management, development and implementation of development strategies.

The company's consulting and training portfolio includes important organizations in Romania, such as banking, mining, oil and gas, it & c, pharmaceuticals, retail, food and gambling - including OMV Petrom, Oltchim, Salrom , Siveco, GSK Romania, Auchan, Smithfield, Dedeman, Garanti Bank, CEC Bank, Bancpost, Romgaz, Loteria Romana.

Companies in Romania, increasingly socially involved

The notion of sustainability or non-financial reports is new in the Romanian entrepreneurial and business landscape, but with their realization, there is also a perspective on the involvement of the organizations in the social environment and how much they contribute to the development  of the local economy.

Thus, we can see how companies operating in sectors with significant impact on the environment and on the safety of communities have implemented prevention and training plans for the population in case of major accidents. At the same time, they have made significant investments in technologies that contribute to this approach, as well as to reduce the carbon footprint.

At the same time, companies operating in sectors with a shortage of qualified human resources have directly involved in the implementation of educational programs in order to train new generations of specialists and others have imposed on the suppliers chain compliance with standards high security in work, thus helping to improve working conditions.

"Investments, especially in infrastructure, carried out by organizations for the development of their own activities contribute substantially to the development of the local economy," concludes representatives of Innova Project Consulting.