Health and inner balance under socio-professional pressure. Taboo behind social status

Health and inner balance under socio-professional pressure. Taboo behind social status

The CAREERS Magazine adds to its series of events a new conference, "Health and Inner Balance Under Socio-Professional Pressure. Taboo behind social state ", which takes place on 24 October at Hotel International Bucharest.

The debate is dedicated to business managers, and discussions will focus on employee health!

Socio-professional stress can lead to health disorders. How do we protect our employees? And how do we protect ourselves, but also those around us, how do we keep a balance both at work and at home, for a healthy lifestyle?

Do we know how to keep depression, burnout and other emotional imbalances away from our lives and stay in the balance of well-being?

All these, as well as many other aspects of our inner balance as professionals, will be discussed and analyzed with the specialists present at the event: doctors, psychologists, lawyers, opinion leaders and, of course, HR Managers and General Managers.

The event addresses a diverse audience, composed of: top and middle managers, decision makers from various companies, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, and people interested in their well-being and the teams they work in.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Psycho-social and work-related stresses, among the greatest health and safety challenges;
  • Workplace frustration management - Double Perspective, Employer-Employer;
  • Impact of workplace stress on their organizations and economy;
  • Employer's responsibility towards employees - the measures to be taken to prevent the occurrence of burnout syndrome in an organization;
  • Burnout recovery. Savage year or professional reconversion?

Speakers include: Keynote Speaker Prof. Univ. Dr. Luiza Spiru, "Ana Aslan International" Foundation; Dr. Ioana Mindruta, Primary Neurologist, Vice-President of the Romanian Society of Neurophysiology Clinical Electrodiagnostics (ASNER); Anca Covaciu, Learning Architect, MMM CONSULTING INT'L Romania; Dr. Mircea Marzan, Executive Director, "Ana Aslan" International Foundation; Dr. Razvan Trascu, Family medicine doctor, ultrasound specialist, physician expert, Department of Development Studies and Strategies of the College of Physicians in Bucharest; Dana Baragan, Founding President, Cultural-Korean Association; Dr. Sabina Marcu, Director of Medicine, Boehringer Ingelheim and others.

Moderator of the event: Daniela Palade Teodorescu, Editor-in-Chief CARIERE Magazine.

Supporting Partner: Boehringer Ingelheim

Partner: MMM Consulting INT’L Romania

Organizing Partners: Editura Trei, Nestle

Media Partners: Revista HR Manager, HR Club, Revista Biz, Wall-Street.ro, Portal HR, DoingBusiness.ro, Jurnalul de Afaceri, Repatriot, Elite Business Women, RFI Romania, Revista Politici de Sanatate, Explore Medicine TV, GhidCabinet.ro, Mozaic Media.

More details on participation and registrations can be found on the event's website: