EY wins a renowned award from the Marketing Society for its global branding campaign

EY wins a renowned award from the Marketing Society for its global branding campaign

The global brand campaign EY won the Business-to-Business Marketing Excellence Award at the Global 2018 Marketing Society.

EY had a strong competition from other famous brands, including Thomson Reuters, HSBC, Centrica, BT Sport Business and Thinkbox.The international jury, made up of a group of elite marketing professionals, analyzed EY's brand communication campaign since its creation in 2015 and has highlighted the originality of the 'Better Questions' idea, the distinctive character of the campaign and its ability to change perceptions.

During the jury, Brand Finance, an independent branding agency, identified the following results for EY:

• strong brand equity (branding tool): EY is the AAA + global brand;

• In 2017, EY ranked 16th in the top of the strongest brands, a significant advance compared to 50th place in 2015;

• EY experienced the highest increase in brand value by 55.8% between 2015 to 2017 and an increase of 28.5% in 2017

The EY Global Manager of Brand, Marketing & Communications Department, Karen Hopkins said: "This award strengthens the way the communication campaign has sustained the major changes in the company, as well as the results of the global survey on our brand and its growth visible compared to our competitors.It is clear that our global campaign will have a big impact and thanks to all of the Brand, Marketing and Communication teams that have contributed to these significant achievements. "

Adriana Tabac, Head of Brand, Marketing and Communication EY Romania completes: "More than just a communication campaign, Better Questions is a permanent source of inspiration, challenging us to find better solutions and to innovate. In Romania, for example, we have run the project "25 Questions for the Future of Romania", whose concept has started from the global campaign. "

About EY `Better questions` campaign

In 2015, EY needed a change to reach its global goal of developing in an increasingly turbulent environment.
Building a strong and distinctive brand was an essential factor. The way the organization works has provided the perspective of the campaign strategy and the creative idea behind it.

Research has shown that people in EY are not regular professionals. They are stronger in looking for better solutions, often asking unexpected questions that provide better answers: the better the question, the better the answer and the better the world works.

The idea materialized in 2016 through an integrated #BetterQuestions campaign that has covered key markets around the world through a wide range of channels, including airport advertising, regional media partnerships, social media and experimental events. All this has led to the creation of an interactive digital hub - betterworkingworld.com.