Coffee Lovers Event 2013, at start

The second edition of International Coffee Trade organized by SCAE Romania welcomes all coffee lovers between March 28 -31 at Romexpo, pavilion C, being the only such festival organized in Romania.

The event aims at joining all coffee and related product importers and producers, both national and international. The attendants and visitors will enjoy trainings, workshops and conference dedicated to this market segment.


Romanian coffee lovers are invited to taste different types of coffee prepared by the best baristas from Romania and as they can also attend LatteArt impressive demonstrations.  


Also, SCAE Romania will organize within the event, the National Championship of Baristas and the winner will be delegated to represent Romania to the international championships from Melbourne (WBC Championships& Brewers Cup, May 23- 26) and Nice (Latte Art & Coffee in Good Spirits, June, 26-28). The National Championship for Baristas will comprise 5 competition sessions: Barista, Latte Art, Spirits Coffee, Coffee Pot and Cup Tasting.


Find more on the event here: www.scaeromania.eu