CEO Conference – Shaping the Future Slowbalization - How Romanian CEOs are building the organizations of the future

CEO Conference – Shaping the Future "Slowbalization - How Romanian CEOs are building the organizations of the future"

DoingBusiness.ro announces a new edition of CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, to be held in Bucharest on May 22, 2019 at Stejarii Country Club.

At this edition, CEO Conference is expecting over 200 CEOs, General Managers, investors, entrepreneurs, experts and innovation specialists, business transformation as well as other decision-makers to discuss how Romanian companies understand to adjust or to accelerate their business to respond as effectively as possible to new economic, social, technological and legislative trends in 2019.

"There is no doubt that we are already experiencing a slowdown in global growth. Added to this is the commoditization of the most important technologies, acceleration of digital transformations, the migration or lack of workforce, the intensification of competition and the existing turbulences at the legislative and economic level. In front of these new realities, large and very large companies consolidate their operations by rethinking business processes, focusing on "customer experience", access to new markets, local and regional consolidation, " says Dumitru Ion, Managing Partner, Doingbusiness.ro.

Organized under the theme "Slowbalization - How Romanian top execuives are building the organizations of the future", CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, is structured this year in two panels.

The first panel "How do we build the company of the future" will focus on the role of the Romanian executives in adapting the company to face "slowing down".

Within this panel will be addressed 4 key themes:

  • How do we redesign the organization of the future? Agile digital processes, technologies, new leaders, strategic teams, the best combination of human capabilities and robots.
  • The new logic of the competition – innovation, customer experience and new competencies in the organization.
  • New growth models – how we build dynamic and flexible systems to meet new challenges.
  • The Revolution of competencies – how serious is the difference between current and necessary skills in the near future.

The second panel will focus on "Innovation and Transformation" – how big companies quickly adapt their processes and structures to meet new challenges as well as the CEO's role in supporting an agile organization, about experimentation, co-creation, platforms and ecosystems, and especially how prepared we are to create a new kind of value, the social one.

  • Innovation transformation – How do we change the organization's DNA through its innovation strategy
  • Digital Transformation Projects – How we use technology to maintain competitive advantages of the company in the new Slowbalization Age
  • Client experience – technologies for understanding and anticipating customer requirements
  • Confidence as a competitive advantage or how we develop the value and social involvement of the company
  • Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data si Analytics

"Slowbalization" - a new period when global trade slows down, especially at regional level. The term was first brought to attention of the great analysts in 2015 by Adjiedj Bakas (a well-known trend specialist) and was recognized and amplified by several international media organizations and publications in early 2019.

The registration for the event can be done at: www.ceoconference.ro

Contact details: Madalina Popescu: 021.317.03.90 email: madalina.popescu@doingbusiness.ro. Web: www.ceoconference.ro

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