Cefin Trucks, about to become one of the biggest players in the truck market

Cefin Trucks, about to become one of the biggest players in the truck market

Cefin Trucks' strategy to maximize the profits of its customers through the most competitive combination of products and services proves to be correct

Cefin Trucks, the only importer and distributor of the Ford Trucks brand in Romania, announces that it has become a leader in the construction market as well as on the municipal vehicle segment, thanks to the results achieved in 2018. The stake for 2019 is an important increase in the market share and the tractor segment for international transport, which represents over 75% of the total sales on the Romanian market. The main attraction in Cefin Trucks portfolio is the new F-MAX, designated "Truck of the year 2019".

"From the very beginning, our main objective was to maximize the profitability of our customers through the most competitive offer, both on sale and after-sales services. This strategy proved to be correct: in the first two years of activity, the achievements exceeded the initial plans, proving that the know-how of Cefin Trucks and the Ford Trucks product range are synergistic and very suitable combination for the Romanian market. We are constantly and rapidly gaining market share on all segments in which we are present, while at the same time strengthening our image and recognition, as evidenced by the high rate of loyal customers, today over 220, which we enjoy. We are very grateful to both our customers and Ford Trucks partners for giving us once again the chance to demonstrate our professionalism in the field. Their trust and support have been crucial to achieving these results, "says Stefano Albarosa, founder and CEO of Cefin Trucks.

"We want to maintain our leadership position in the construction and municipal vehicle segments and substantially expand our market share in the tractor segment with F-MAX in the portfolio. For the second time in Cefin's history, we are determined to become one of the biggest players in the heavy truck market.
We plan to reach, in 2019, a minimum of 450 vehicles sold, up 28% over 2018.The increase is primarily driven by the launch of last year's F-MAX, the 2019th Truck, a top product in the international transport segment. We want to be the first choice for transporters who want to maximize their profitability, "adds Stefano Albarosa.

The year 2018 was a successful year for both Ford Trucks and Cefin Trucks. Romania has become the largest market in terms of sales volume and Cefin Trucks has been awarded the "Champions Award" for their remarkable sales and repairs performance. Cefin Trucks will continue to represent our brand in a way that will make us proud. As we continue to expand our operations, we aim to increase our service workshops from 27 to 70 in 2019, "said Selim Yazici, General Manager of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Ford Trucks.

"F-MAX is now available for our Romanian clients as well.The "2019 International Truck of the Year" award shows where we are in our  journey of trucks production. This vehicle and the winning prize are the fruit of our work, our meticulous work in the field of research and development as well as the knowledge and expertise we have gained over many years. This award is a milestone in our development. The fact that 23 members of the jury from 23 different countries give our work in research and development the recognition it deserves is also very encouraging, Selim Yazici said.

Ford Trucks - accelerated evolution on the Romanian market

May 2017 marked an important milestone in the company's evolution, with the official launch and inauguration of Cefin Trucks, at the end of the rebranding process.
In the first year, Cefin Trucks, as an importer and distributor of Ford Trucks, recorded sales of 157 units (1% for the transport segment, 17% for the construction segment and 7% for the specialized vehicle segment) with a 2.36% share.

In the second year, the company has achieved and exceeded its established target, surpassing in the second half two competitors with a traditional presence on the market. The number of units sold has doubled, reaching 357 (1% for the transport segment, 35% for construction, where Ford Trucks is a market leader, 13% for the specialized vehicle segment, 35% for the municipal car market, where Ford Trucks holds the first place) and the market share to 5%. The upward trend continues in 2019, with more than 150 units delivered in the first quarter due to an accelerated flow of orders starting in the third quarter of 2018. This start is a clear signal that the 2019 target of 450 units may be easily overcome.

Full offer and positive balance sheet

Two years of existence on the Romanian market, the company's balance sheet includes 140 demonstration actions and the organization of twice a year of the Best Driver Challenge, dedicated exclusively to Ford drivers. The company's presence at all industry events culminated with its own launch event for the F-MAX model in Bucharest, later promoted nationally. Only in November last year, F-MAX, the star of the Ford Trucks portfolio, was presented to the public in 6 other cities in Romania (Baia Mare, Suceava, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Brasov). On this occasion, more than 2,000 potential customers became acquainted with the new cabin, and many of them are already proud owners of the cabin.

The services delivered by Cefin Trucks to its customers provide them with a complete offer besides the actual activity of selling Ford Trucks new vehicles. Cefin Trucks is a market leader in the sale of rolled vehicles, offering top technical assistance through its centers in Bucharest, Brasov, Deva and Arad and through its network of service partners in Constanta, Craiova, Bacau, Suceava, Baia Mare, Oradea, Timisoara and Cluj and plans to open 3 new after-sales locations in 2019. Cefin Trucks offers complex internal and external financing services, including trade in - buy back services. Ford Trucks cars are delivered equipped with standard GPS monitoring systems offered by the Viasat group. The sales team has grown steadily from 10 employees in 2016 to 16 in 2018. The growth trend will continue this year, when the company estimates that its sales force will reach 21, for optimal territorial coverage.