BestJobs: In the summer vacation, Romanians are looking for jobs

BestJobs: In the summer vacation, Romanians are looking for jobs

The companies registered with 18% more applications in July

Even though it is a period in which most employees are on leave, Romanians have continued to apply for jobs even more than in previous periods.

Thus, companies registered 18% more applications for jobs in July and over 5% more applications compared to the same period last year.

Which are the jobs that have attracted the attention of the candidates even during the holidays

In July, the candidates applied in large number for jobs in the Financial-Accounting field (over 20,000 applications), BPO (over 17,000 applications), Engineering (over 15,000 applications), Transport (over 14,000 applications), Human Resources (over 13,000 applications), Medical & Pharma (over 12,000 applications) and Sales, with over 10,000 applications.

At the same time, the 3 jobs top in July attracted almost 900 candidates each: BCR - Retail Client Partner, BCR - Customer Service Partner and Dova Capital - Sales Representative.

Two months in a row, the banking sector attracted the most candidates, with over 9,000 applicants in July, up 39% from the previous month.

The top companies with the most applications are also run in July by Enel (2,779 applications), Raiffeisen Bank (2,322 applications), Oracle (2,051 applications), BCR (1,897 applications), Continental Automotive Group (1,814 applications), Regina Maria (1,774 applications), First Bank (1,754 applications), Alpha Bank (1,732 applications), Transylvania Bank (1,543 applications) and Allianz Technology (1,506 applications).

Vodafone was in the top of the candidates' preferences in July.

In July there were candidates that chose to apply directly on the profile pages of the employers companies on BestJobs.

Thus, the companies with the best employer brand in July were: Vodafone, with 139 spontaneous applications, ENEL, with 107 spontaneous applications, British American Tobacco, with 92 spontaneous applications, Oracle, with 91 spontaneous applications, BCR and Raiffeisen Bank, with 81 spontaneous applications each, OMV, 73 spontaneous applications, Takko Fashion, 72 spontaneous applications, A&D Pharma, 71 spontaneous applications, and Continental Automotive Group, with 67 spontaneous applications.