190 entrepreneurs and managers from Bihor and neighboring counties participated in the conference Business Evolution. Funding. Digitization. Sustainability.” from Oradea

190 entrepreneurs and managers from Bihor and neighboring counties participated in the conference "Business Evolution. Funding. Digitization. Sustainability.” from Oradea

The "Business Evolution" conference road show will continue in Brasov on 14 June 2023

"Business Evolution", the most important road show of conferences dedicated to the top management of companies and entrepreneurs, but also to managers of the development, IT, financial, marketing or sales departments, started this year with the edition from Oradea which took place on 25 May 2023.


After a three-year break, the event attracted 190 participants interested in learning more about dedicated banking solutions, European, governmental or PNRR grant funds, digitalization, GDPR, sales, green transition or sustainability.

The event is supported by important partners: Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Telekom Romania Mobile, Asociatia Firmelor Bihorene, Bridge-to-Information, Valoria Business Solutions, DigiQuery, Tudor Galos Consulting, Dent Estet, Mobexpert, Hikvision, REI Finance, Zmura, Kompass Romania and Bihor Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The most important ideas presented in Oradea

The opening speech was given by Dan Octavian, president of the Association of Bihorene Companies (AFB). He spoke of the challenges of local companies with the labor force, with the rising costs, with the poor infrastructure for the business environment, especially for SMEs.

"We need infrastructure, because Oradea will benefit from numerous investments in the coming period. In the period 2009-2021, 600 million euros were attracted to Oradea and 10,000 jobs were created. The latest investments, done after 2021, come with 1 million euros for every job created. We are already talking about a lot of embedded technology. That means a higher productivity: 20 times more than before", emphasized the president of the AFB.

Elena Gherasim, Regional Director IMM Crisana, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, spoke about financing solutions for SMEs, clarifying what the bank looks at when analyzing a financing application. In the workshop session, Elena Gherasim went through the steps of a project with European funds, identifying the frequent mistakes that are made in accessing European funds and how they can be avoided through the collaboration between the company, the structural funds consultant and the bank.


Gabriel Traistaru, Digital Director, Telekom Romania Mobile spoke in his presentation about technologies and digital solutions that SMEs can easily access and use, as well as ways in which they can protect their activity from cyber risks.

Melinda Morariu, CEO and Co-Founder, BRIDGE-to-INFORMATION showed what are the opportunities, solutions and challenges of the company's sustainable development process and how to avoid losses with the help of data.

Cosmina-Elena Abrudan, Senior Consultant, REI Finance Advisors presented details and practical aspects related to accessing European, governmental and PNRR non-reimbursable funds for business development, digitization and sustainability.

In the second part of the conference, the workshops looked at practical aspects that, applied in the company, lead to the improvement of results.

Elena Badea, Marketing & Sales Expert, Managing Director, Valoria Business Solutions presented six types of difficult customers and how we approach them correctly, but also pointed out the important elements for sales performance: skills, technology, processes, as well as motivated, competitive, and responsible people.


The ”Top 5 GDPR mistakes” were revealed by Tudor Galos, Senior Consultant, Tudor Galos Consulting. With remarkable experience as a specialist in this field, he showed how GDPR compliance increases company value, optimizes operations and lowers costs.

Irina Vijoli, Founding Partner of Digiquery, spoke and gave information about the difference between an Effective Manager and an Inspirational Leader. She emphasized the importance of communication and leadership in change management to keep teams in a zone of clarity, cooperation and engagement in supporting digital transformations.

Finally, Dumitru Ion, CEO, Doingbusiness.ro and Kompass Romania, explained which are the resources companies can use to sell more and in more markets and how they should proceed to generate new opportunities.

Radu Soviani, the well-known economic analyst and journalist, moderated the discussions on financing solutions, sustainable digital transformation, growth and expansion of the sales area, risk minimization, leadership, but also aspects specific to the local and regional business environment.

Next is the conference in Brasov on 14 June 2023

Participating in Business Evolution conference from Brasov is an opportunity for all members of company management, as well as for managers of development, IT, sales, marketing departments who will be able to exchange ideas to share best practices and discuss with specialists and experts invited as speakers.

The conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to network with other business leaders and gain insight into the latest trends and developments in various industries.

Up to 3 participants from one company can register for the conference. There is no fee to participate. Registrations can be made online at: http://www.businessevolution.ro

For more information, the contact person is Madalina Popescu: madalina.popescu@doingbusiness.ro.

Media partners of the event are the following: Transilvania Business, Agerpress, Jurnalul de Afaceri, Spotmedia.ro, SpatiulConstruit.ro, Financial Week, Financial Market, Career Magazine, Financial Current Affairs Magazine.

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