Transforming Romanian Dentistry: Dr. Oana Taban's Vision of DENT ESTET

Transforming Romanian Dentistry: Dr. Oana Taban's Vision of DENT ESTET

Interview with Dr. Oana Taban, CEO & Founder DENT ESTET

Q: DENT ESTET has undergone remarkable expansion under your leadership. Could you share the vision driving this growth, especially within the broader healthcare landscape, now under MedLife's umbrella?

Dr. Oana Taban: Our vision has always been about enhancing access to excellent medical services. We realized this 24 years ago, acknowledging that respect for the patient and their expectations, constant investment in technology, and unwavering trust in medical practice are essential values for development. In 2016, these values led us to join forces with MedLife, Romania's largest private healthcare network.

This partnership, marked by continuous growth, allowed us to become leaders in Romanian dentistry. Over the last seven years, DENT ESTET has invested over 12 million euros in medical infrastructure and educational programs. This positions us as trailblazers in the dental field and showcases our creative contributions to medical and business sectors. Today, we're present in nine major Romanian cities, with a portfolio growing from 7 to 18 clinics.

Q: Your collaboration with MedLife has been ongoing for seven years. How has this collaboration enhanced oral health services, and what are the key accomplishments during this period?

Dr. Oana Taban: Our partnership with MedLife has crafted a sustainable business model, inspiring others in the market and strengthening Romania's healthcare system. As market leaders in private dental services, we've taken on the responsibility of offering innovative, integrated medical solutions that genuinely improve people's health. With over 180 dental professionals, we provide world-class expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized treatments in all our clinics.

Based on our extended experience, we've understood patient needs and developed seven Centers of Excellence, covering all the treatments for good oral health, from implants to orthodontics. In addition, the collaboration with Professor Dr Paulo Maló, a renowned figure in world implantology, has bolstered our presence globally.

But we don't stop there; we've just relaunched dental subscriptions to expand preventive services and accessibility, benefiting individuals and businesses.

Q: Your clinics are making a significant impact in major cities. What motivated the clinic network's expansion, and how does this align with your strategy for nationwide presence?

Dr. Oana Taban: The partnership with MedLife has fueled our nationwide expansion strategy as the demand for advanced dental services surges. We wanted to reach more Romanians concerned about their oral health, and we concluded strategic partnerships with medical teams of excellence in cities like Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, and Arad. DENT ESTET has also adopted an organic growth model, opening new clinics in Craiova and Ploiești, with a greenfield investment reaching 3 million euros in 2022. Furthermore, we concentrated on technology investment and integrated sustainability into all our activities.

We've also expanded our efforts to support education through projects such as DENT ESTET Laboratory in Targu Mures and underprivileged communities. Our goal is to continue helping as many Romanians as possible with comprehensive diagnostic and treatment solutions, improving the population's oral health.

Regarding the development strategy, decisions will be influenced by the current economic dynamics.

Q: In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, how do you perceive the adoption of new dental technologies in Romania? Is the pace slow or fast, and what influences this?

Dr. Oana Taban: The digitization of our patients' experiences has been our focus for many years. We've embraced the role of a digital dentistry pioneer in Romania, introducing the latest global medical technologies. We've consistently invested in advanced diagnostic, treatment, and dental techniques. This investment empowers patients to benefit from digital dentistry's advantages and our medical team's expertise.  Our implantology, periodontics, orthodontics, or pediatric dentistry experts use these technologies, providing patients with an extraordinary experience. They gain precise diagnoses, pain-free treatments, and rapid prosthetic work.

We're known for our advanced digital aesthetic dentistry treatments. In all DENT ESTET clinics, we've implemented an integrated digital flow. Digital imaging technologies like OPG, CBCT, 3D intraoral scanning, MODJAW® 4D, and RayFace® facial scanning are the norm. We are proud to be the most significant European partner of the prestigious French company MODJAW. MODJAW® 4D is revolutionizing dental prosthetics, allowing complete digital workflows and ensuring treatment accuracy every step of the way.

Q: Many adults delay dental treatments due to financial constraints or beliefs. How does DENT ESTET tackle these issues and dispel misconceptions to ensure comprehensive oral care?

Dr. Oana Taban: Financial aspects indeed impact many Romanians' decisions regarding dental treatments, potentially affecting oral health. According to the results of this year's study conducted by DENT ESTET, 36% of respondents say they prefer to visit the dentist only when an emergency occurs, although they are aware of the risks involved in the lack of regular visits to the dentist. 89% of those surveyed agree that postponing visits to the dentist can increase treatment costs, and 84% even believe that it can lead to tooth loss.

To address this issue, we've facilitated access to digital technologies, which can reduce treatment costs. MODJAW® 4D and 3D intraoral scanning can help identify issues earlier, reducing the complexity and cost of treatments. Moreover, data accuracy from the digital flow diminishes errors, saving time and resources.

To further meet these needs, DENT ESTET has relaunched medical subscriptions, offering the best dental services across all our clinics in Romania, advanced digital dentistry, personalized treatments, and multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment approaches. The new Smart Choice subscriptions provide prophylactic and maintenance programs, ensuring long-term oral health. These subscriptions can help patients budget effectively, knowing they have dental service coverage.

Q: Investing in education for future dental professionals is crucial. Could you explain DENT ESTET's educational programs and their role in shaping the next generation of dentists and clinic managers?

Dr. Oana Taban: Our constant investments in education and training for future dental professionals have materialized into ambitious projects. The DENT ESTET Laboratory at the Targu Mures Faculty of Dentistry sets a new standard for future specialists' education.

Another important project developed by DENT ESTET for dental specialists is the Dental Office Managers Association (ADOM) - a critical educational figure in the medical business sector. Today, ADOM programs, such as Dental Office Managers School, are a reference point for proprietary doctors and dental clinic teams who want to improve their medical and management skills and knowledge. In a decade, we've built a strong community of over 1,800 members, learning from our 20+ years of team training experience. These members contribute to Romania's medical system development.

Q: As a business leader, what accomplishments make you most proud, particularly in ensuring your customers/patients are all smiles?

Dr. Oana Taban: I take great pride in transforming DENT ESTET into a symbol of Excellence in Healthcare. Our patients' well-being has guided our journey through all our endeavors. We've achieved our objectives by investing in our medical team's development, the digitalization of our services, and a constant focus on meeting patient expectations.

I'm grateful to my team, including doctors, partners, and collaborators, for their support and contributions. DENT ESTET has grown to become a group with 18 clinics, a community of over 500 employees, a benchmark for medical service quality, and a driving force in training future specialists in the field.


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