Showcasing entrepreneurial success

Showcasing entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurs provide one of the main engines of growth in any healthy economy

They act as vital agents of change by developing new products and services, implementing more efficient production methods, and creating new business models and industries. Alongside multinational companies, they generate jobs, support local communities and build prosperous societies.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important to showcase once more the results of exceptional businesses in the past year, to recognize their contribution to the local economy and their efforts to generate growth. To develop a sustainable and active entrepreneurial ecosystem in Romania, the celebration of entrepreneurial success is one of the most important actions to be followed. This year’s edition of Major Companies in Romania is one example of such an initiative and I want to congratulate our partners from International Business Promotion for publishing this new edition of the report and for the continuity in supporting entrepreneurship in Romania. In a time that is still challenging for businesses, the economic riddle of obtaining sustainable revenues and profits was solved by many industry leaders, as the numbers of the report show. The key answer to this equation is for sure the power of the Romanian entrepreneurs to recalibrate their offering to market needs, to motivate and inspire their teams and to stay focused on ambitious objectives, determined to reach them. Because behind any major company in the economy stays a strong entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

We have seen this also in our direct interaction with entrepreneurs enrolled in our Entrepreneur Of The Year program this year. Behind the numbers, you will always find the determination and creativity of Romanian entrepreneurs. We were once more convinced by their vision and strategic direction in growing their businesses, their power to innovate, their personal integrity and by the positive impact on the community.

Competitors or not in the industry they are present in, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that lead great companies are part of a special community that moves Romania forward. And I am glad that we can celebrate these industry leaders through the Major Companies in Romania report.

EY Transaction Advisory team has contributed again with its expertise to this year’s edition of Major Companies in Romania. As a global company, tapping into 150 diverse economies all over the world, at EY, we support a wide range of companies, enabling us to draw specific insights from every market where we are present.

Together with the International Business Promotion team, we have designed a multifaceted methodology capturing all the qualitative and quantitative aspects that make the profile of the strongest, most competitive major companies on the market. Besides showcase business success, we have pursued this unique project with the goal to build a reference instrument that can assist potential foreign investors, local firms as well as entrepreneurs, when looking at the business landscape in Romania.