Innovation reshapes the future for a better run world

Innovation reshapes the future for a better run world

At SAP, we are trying to transform the IT industry with constant innovation, and by this I am not only referring to our products and services, but also to the way we are running the business

It is true that adding new features or functionalities in an existing product or service doesn’t qualify as innovation. These are mere improvements and should be treated as such, while innovation means being able to create a new product or service and then to find a new way to deliver or distribute it, a new business model and so on. Ever since the beginning it has become clear to us that it is not enough to create software that improves people’s lives, but that we also need to develop the best practices in this industry, that will shape the future IT trends.


The main drive for innovation within our company is represented by the people themselves – SAP employees, along with diverse partner companies, customers, and partners in research and academia, are the real motor for change. Of course, the working environment is enabling them to think freely and is encouraging them to take a step further in finding ways to make the world run better. Innovation is at the center of our business and it is an important part of our organizational culture, and we strongly believe that we are not only developing software, but that we are developing innovations that help businesses run like never before and that improve the lives of people everywhere.


When it comes to business innovation, IT has a big role to play, and what IT needs is to structure itself to capitalize on new technologies when opportunities arise. Given that SAP is striving to transform the IT industry with constant innovation, it is normal to already have results in this area.


For instance, our team from the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam, Germany, is developing highly advanced, customer-focused solutions using in-memory, cloud, and mobile technologies. One of our most successful projects is the HANA Oncolyzer mobile app, which supports doctors and researchers to find the best therapies for their cancer patients more quickly. The application is using SAP HANA’s revolutionary in-memory technology to analyze both structured and unstructured data and to provide accurate, timely reports and analysis required for success. More specifically, the “HANA Oncolyzer” supports the parallel analysis of large amounts of patient data within seconds in the main memory, so that doctors and researchers can find the best cancer therapies for patients, in a faster and better way.


Another example would be the way in which SAP HANA helps Bigpoint, one of the world’s largest video game developers, increase revenue from online gaming through real-time offer management. Bigpoint’s biggest challenge was to identify the individual player patterns so that sales and marketing folks can target players with relevant offers during a game. The solution was once again the in-memory platform SAP HANA. Namely, in the few seconds break before the player was able to resume playing after a major event in the game, SAP HANA analyzed the player’s historical and transaction behavioral data and delivered a personalized context relevant offer to the player that was specifically designed to achieve Bigpoint's revenue objectives. Apart from delivering relevant offers to players, it also enables Bigpoint to potentially increase their revenue by 10% -30%.


Nevertheless, another innovative solution that we are proud of is SAP Affinity Insight, developed by a Romanian team. The application is a highly flexible reporting tool that allows retailers to analyze their sales data on market basket level, with a special focus on identifying quantitative relationships between different products or product groups. While most reporting tools rely on aggregated information, Affinity Insight does computations on a transactional level, opening completely new sources of information. This solution, which is powered by SAP HANA, offers business-relevant data that helps retailers make flexible computations and gain full insight to buying behavior on market basket level, which can improve business decisions in various areas.


These examples also show the diversity of business verticals to which SAP can bring added value through innovation. Therefore, we strongly believe that we are not only developing software, but that we are developing innovations that help businesses run like never before and that improve the lives of people everywhere.


Of course, SAP Romania is aligned to this innovation principle that runs the entire group. Our main goal is to offer our customers in Romania a full range of solutions that provide the tools needed to complete their operations, while helping them extend their best practices. As the market leader in enterprise application software, we help companies of all sizes and industries run better and stay ahead of competition, and I firmly believe that this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for innovation.