Growth mindset in a mobile world

Growth mindset in a mobile world

Interview with Mircea Hategan, Business Sales & ICT Director, Telekom Romania Mobile

Q: "MOBIL PUR ȘI SIMPLU" reflects a commitment to simplifying the customer experience. How has this approach resonated with consumers, and what feedback have you received since its launch?

Mr. Mircea Hategan: Mobile Transparent and Simple is a new philosophy and positioning of our company that stemmed from its very core: offering mobile-only services for our clients, simple and fair.

We are the only telco service provider that can bring specialized mobile-only services to consumers, and we have the courage to do so because we are truly confident in our strengths and what we have to offer. We're continually simplifying and improving mobile experiences and the way our customers interact with our company across all touchpoints, whether you're using our app and paying a bill or need a quick resolution through our call center with our customer service representatives or in stores.

Q: With the recent rollout of 5G technology, how has Telekom Romania Mobile worked to integrate this technology into its services, and what impact has it had on user experiences?​

Mr. Mircea Hategan: The integration of the 5G network into our mobile services was smooth and natural.

With our services' simplicity and transparency as a backbone, the decision to make 5G accessible to all customers was straightforward and also sustained by the network capacity.

Telekom provides easy access to 5G technology à 5G is accessible to all postpaid and prepaid customers; no additional steps are required. Any user with a compatible SIM and a 5G-ready smartphone can enjoy the benefits of 5G technology, including reduced latency, a stable connection, and lower battery consumption.

Q: The #FaraIdeiFixe campaign showcases a shift in brand philosophy. How has this campaign been received, and what impact does Telekom Romania Mobile hope it will have on consumer perceptions and industry trends?​

Mr. Mircea Hategan: The shift in our company’s philosophy needed an equally strong communication platform, and the #NOFIXEDIDEAS campaign proved to be the best way to convey this. In terms of communication, we raised the stakes and turned this into a conversation about challenging any societal norms that stop people from becoming their true selves. We embraced disruptiveness as a vital communication tool in conjunction with a modus operandi that identifies specific fixed ideas in the market and then fights against them, whether through a brand value or a specific product. In this way, the campaign turns out to be both very insightful, thus encouraging people to take part in the conversation, as well as very intriguing, proved by an increased number of visits on our website and mobile app, and good reactions and higher engagement in social media channels, which indicates a sustained interest in our new communication.

Q: How has Telekom Romania Mobile leveraged digital transformation to enhance customer interactions and stay ahead in the industry?

Mr. Mircea Hategan: Telekom Romania Mobile has significantly enhanced its customer interactions and industry positioning through digital transformation by investing in digitalization, automating customer acquisition flows for cost efficiency, introducing self-care tools for user empowerment (e.g., AI Chatbot in app and web), implementing new digital engagement generators (e.g. Gamification in the mobile app) and optimizing its digital assets (new website with renewed customer journeys). This led to a doubled online traffic and a 10x increase in digital sales.

We are the first telecommunications operator in Romania to offer the Google Pay payment and recharge service within its mobile application.

Additionally, we are pioneering efforts in generative AI to refine our services further and improve KPIs. Also, the app has 4.5 stars in Google Play and Apple Store, making it one of the best apps in the Romania telco market.

Q: What tailored offerings does Telekom Romania Mobile provide for businesses, and how has the company adapted to meet the evolving needs of corporate clients?

Mr. Mircea Hategan: Telekom Romania Mobile has evolved its offerings to address the modern needs of businesses. We now provide tailored services like website development and e-commerce store creation, ensuring businesses have a robust online presence. Additionally, we help companies amplify their brand visibility through targeted digital marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. And, to ensure they get the organic reach they deserve, we offer dedicated SEO services. In essence, we're equipping businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today's digital-first landscape.

Telekom offers a variety of mobile communications services to meet the specific needs of business customers. These services are designed to improve communication and enhance productivity and mobility within the company. At Telekom, any business customer can benefit from tailored offers that suit their requirements and budgets, such as mobile voice & data business plans, 5G handsets, and data connectivity for IOT communication that integrate various tools to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Corporate customers have dedicated account management and support services to address their specific needs and requirements.

As the demand for reliable remote and flexible work arrangements from corporate customers has increased lately, our 5G network coverage has been expanded to cover reliable mobile data, hotspot services, and mobile device management, covering the need to be connected and productive on the move.

Q: With the highly dynamic mobile market, how does Telekom Romania Mobile work on customer retention and building brand loyalty?

Mr. Mircea Hategan: With new positioning, Mobile Pure and Simple Telekom aim to offer the best customer experience to our clients, simple and easy-to-use products. We aim to call all our customers, offering them the latest offers and portfolios. Telekom just launched the new digital platform “Everybody Wins”, where every consumer can win a weekly prize just by entering MyAccount, while an additional chance is added for every transaction done in MyAccount.

We have a wide range of prizes covering different interests (fashion, food, sports)

Customer feedback is the foundation of our main goal: to transform our company with the adoption of a continuous CX improvement process. We have a Voice of the customer platform through which we collect customer feedback after each interaction. We carefully read all comments and we are calling back the clients who provided negative feedback to address the issue and close the loop with the customers.

Also, to build service culture as a differentiator, we are providing the best-in-class customer experience training to all frontline employees, and we are bringing top management closer to the customers through our internal programs – One day in Shop and Call center but also involving managers in calling directly customers to get direct feedback.

Q: With the increasing focus on sustainability, how is Telekom Romania Mobile integrating environmentally friendly practices into its operations and services? 

Mr. Mircea Hategan: Sustainability is one of the strategic directions of Telekom; we are part of the Global T campaign “The planet as you want”, and we are collecting in all our shops electronic and electrical equipment waste. We are working to bring more dedicated initiatives in 2024.

Q: In 2024, what strategies does Telekom Romania Mobile anticipate adopting or leveraging to stay at the forefront of this dynamic market?

Mr. Mircea Hategan: We will continue to be customer-obsessed, simplify, digitalize, accelerate and act responsibly; we are aiming to become a leading digital telco via true customer centricity.

Q: What is your main message to the clients and partners of Telekom Romania Mobile regarding the novelties and opportunities your company will make available for them in the short and medium term?

Mr. Mircea Hategan: Telekom will continue to put the customer first while accelerating more digital customer interactions towards personalised and straightforward customer journeys. We will continue to boost our new engagement platform with enlarged partners and features and extend it to the business clients.


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