Interview with Mr. Liviu Banulescu, Managing Director, GRENKE ROMANIA

GRENKE solutions give you the freedom you need to develop and implement your creative ideas

Q: One  year  ago  you  launched  a  new  brand  profile called “Fast. Forward. Finance.” How did you deliver on this promise in 2021?

Liviu Banulescu: Year 2021 came with many challenges. Yet, despite all  the  downsides,  GRENKE  remained  a  reliable partner for its collaborators and customers. We bet on speediness in terms of document processing, by digitalizing  all  possible  processes.  We  eliminated paperwork  and  cut  down  the  waiting  time  for  a reply as best as we could. This enabled us to move forward successfully. And we did. We stood by our customers and partners, regardless of the context, providing  solutions  suitable  to  the  needs  of  each  business.  From  renting  the  necessary  equipment  for  the  smooth  running  of  their  business,  to  the  sale in instalments of software products..

Q: Why should entrepreneurs that need financing solutions choose Grenke?

Liviu Banulescu: Without taking into account GRENKE’s history of 40 years as a group and its presence in 33 countries, in Romania Grenke has been a symbol of flexibility and dedicated people, since 2007. We are recognized for taking a personal approach on each business, for moving fast and seeking the right solutions  in  any  occurred  situation.  Bureaucracy  and  a  long  times  for  reply  are  never  part  of  our  relationship with our customers. Instead, we provide 0% down payment, one-page contract and electronic  signature  for  signing  our  contracts.  In  a  nutshell, GRENKE means Easy, Fast and Personal.

Q: Many  companies  are  adopting  a  “hybrid  work” paradigm moving forward, not only due to the current evolution of the COVID-19  pandemic  but  also  since  employees  prefer  this  new  paradigm.  How  can  Grenke  help  companies  moving forward with this new paradigm?

Liviu Banulescu: GRENKE  rents  a  wide  variety  of  equipment:  from  IT&C, cleaning, healthcare, to industrial equipment for large-scale facilities. In other words, we provide equipment  required  in  an  office  up  to  equipment used  in  a  plant.  Working  from  home  also  entails  comfort and technology. If we want our employees to  be  productive,  we  should  surely  provide  them  with  a  smartphone,  a  Notebook  or  a  PC.  Perhaps  even  a  wider  screen,  a  more  comfortable  chair  or  an adjustable desk can make a difference. We have an  array  of  items  beyond  anyone’s  imagination,  suitable  for  those  who  work  from  home.  From  entering  the  building  (access  control  equipment,  video camera, anti-burglary system etc.), to kitchenets  (espresso  machine,  furniture,  kitchen  appliances)  and  to  the  space  itself,  including  a  meeting room and a server room. We are certainly able to rent the equipment necessary for a business to successfully carry out its activity further on.

Q: 2021 did not bring the end of the pandemic,  as  many  expected.  How  did  Grenke approach this year’s challenges?

Liviu Banulescu: 2021 has been and continues to be a year marked by ups and downs, still, we managed to achieve our goals.  We  focused  on  maintaining  and  developing  our relationship with our partners and customers. We tried to find the right solutions for them, undeterred  by  distance  and  online  meetings.  We  continue to work in a hybrid system, and, as always, we  put  our  stakes  on  the  quality  of  a  work  well  done, professionalism and direct and efficient interaction. We encouraged businesses to grow by providing  custom-made  rental  solutions    and  we  constantly adapted to the market needs. We exceeded  our  limits  in  terms  of  remote  efficiency  and  always  encouraged  our  team  to  maintain  a  balance  between  the  job  and  the  private  life.  In  doing so, we emerged victorious at the end of this race too.

Q: Sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days, what does Grenke to improve sustainability  within  the  organization’s  day to day activities?

Liviu Banulescu: Firstly, it is all about the people of the team. This is our  starting  point.  Despite  working  in  a  hybrid  system,  we  make  all  efforts  to  be  as  connected  as  possible with each other, to feel part of a team and support  each  other.  We  encourage  openness  and  closeness. At group level, we had a week dedicated to all employees, called the Wellbeing Week, during which  we  participated  in  courses,  speeches  and  exercises, all online and useful, to nurture the body and the soul. We addressed topics such as Smiling Mind,  Positive  Psychology,  Meditation,  Nutrition,  Yoga,  as  well  as  many  others  to  help  us  feel  more  relaxed, productive and reconciled with the current context  in  which  we  live.  Also,  with  sustainability  being  closely  linked  to  technology,  we  continued  the digitalization of our current processes and upgrading  of  our  apps.  We  adapted  our  contract  form,  to  a  one-page  form  and  enabled  electronic  signature  for  it.  We  have  created  a  special  app  for  partners,  where  they  can  draft  and  send  offers  to  customers,  and  an  app  for  our  customers  where  they  can  view  and  manage  contracts  and  invoices  associated to Grenke.

Q: You are very active in B2B sector. How do you see the Romanian market evolution in 2022?

Liviu Banulescu: GRENKE only addresses to legal entities, in all forms  of  organization,  and  therefore  we  channel  our undivided attention onto them. Although  we  cannot  have  an  overview  of  what  2022 will bring, it will certainly entail the constant digitalization of our processes and cutting the red tape.  We  will  most  likely  continue  to  work  in  a  hybrid system, at least in the first part of the year, which will improve  people’s ability to adapt and to rapidly respond to unpredictable situations. Companies will be more efficient, will increasingly focus on investing in equipment that will considerably enhance productivity and provide comfort and safety. We all want to grow and develop,  some  at  a  faster  pace,  others  slower,  but  the  economy  does  not  stop,  and  companies  will  make  better  decision  in  terms  of  cost  savings,  to  remain  in  the  game.  We  will  continue  to  stand  by  our customers and to support each other.

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