A spicy business

A spicy business

There are in Romania lots of agriculture fields still uncultivated or stating a poor cultivating status. Mustard, coriander, thyme, celery... all of these have been once cultivated on these lands and Romania was well known for them.

Also, the onion, basil, rosemary are plants that can be succesfully cultivated on local lands  and still, no one does it. I run a plant for food ingredients and there are many situations when we receive offers from local producers but the quality and the price are far from being competitive.


At this moment, we dontt have in our deposit not a single spice to having been cultivated in Romania, but from other markets such as: Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Asian countries or from South-America.


The main cause is that Romanian farmers don’t have equipments to cultivate and harvest large areas. And even if someone will have the financial power to invest in this technology, the lack of experience will be a problem. There is a reason for which the “know-how” of a company is comprised among its assets. In Romania, the specialized books have been printed decades ago. In the communism years, the reports stated a production of 70 tons per hectares while the real production was of only 40 tons. The real data haven’t been kept and the cultivators cannot make a proper estimation over the harvest.


After the harvesting, the producers would hit the processing issue and the storage. Once more there is need for technology in order  to dry the spices for instance and professional storage units.


For many spices and ingredients, Romanian companies cannot compete with Asian producers or those from South America and they shouldn’t. But, for the ingredients that can be cultivated domestically, it is a pity not to have competitive offers.


After more than 12-year experience in this field, we plan to invest in this sector and we purchased lands where we will grow pimento, parsley and other plants to be processed in our factory at Alba Iulia. In the old Supremia factory we will install a grinding mill and a drying production line. Also, our plans comprise creating the brand “Paprika of Transilvania” to place again Romania on the map of safe and quality spices.


About Supremia Grup


As a leader in the Romanian food ingredients market and with more than 1,400 active clients in Romania, as well as in Europe, Supremia Grup invested in and opened its brand new 9 million Euros headquarters in Alba Iulia in early 2011. This opening coincided with the 10th anniversary of the first invoice issued when the company was created in 2000 with 100% Romanian funding. Supremia Grup offers complete solutions for the food industry: blends, custom food ingredients blends, top quality natural spices imported from all over the world, auxiliary ingredients, natural and artificial casings, and selected wood chips.