20 years of passion for coffee at Strauss Romania

20 years of passion for coffee at Strauss Romania

Coffee is no more just an “energy kick”, it is a way to enchant our sense, and one of the biggest facilitators for sharing a moment with our loved ones, or for taking a moment to savor its aroma and mentally prepare ourselves for the day.

At Strauss Romania, the leading coffee producer from Romania, we just celebrated 20 years on the local market. For 20 years, the passion for coffee of the Romanians has been contributing to the development of Strauss Company, as well as of the Romanian coffee market. Our entire anniversary was a celebration of genuine passion for coffee.

Passion for coffee means first and foremost passion for quality. No matter how difficult it was to obtain it and to maintain it, we have done so without compromise in the past 20 years. If in 1994 the company aimed at offering the first quality controlled coffee, produced in Romania for Retail, now we offer solutions for all consumption occasions. Strauss Romania brands meet the international expertise and technology standards of Strauss Group, as well as the Romanian consumers’ vision regarding the particularities of the ideal coffee. The fact that Doncafé coffee is the only Romanian coffee awarded by the German Institute for Quality (DLG) stands as proof. In the past 2 years, Doncafé products have been awarded and reconfirmed for their undisputable quality, with DLG medals.

Passion, without doubt, opens the path for innovation and business expansion. From a relatively small business a few decades ago, Strauss Group extended to a global producer. In particular, in Romania, in 20 years we grew beyond expectations. A long time ago, the factory ran on a coffee roaster, a machine and a lot of packaging workers. Now, we manage an automated processing and packaging coffee operation. We are the largest coffee manufacturer in Romania and the continuous concern towards improving our processes has ensured our competitiveness with the most important worldwide coffee producers.

But I am certain that the entire processes are fundamentally connected with the people at Strauss and their passion for what they are doing. There is an old Romanian saying: “Food is more tasteful if you put a little bit of love in it”. This quote fits perfectly with Strauss Company in Romania and coffee! When I came in this company, I didn`t know much about the magic behind this wonderful product. But I learned that the power of this organization stands in its people and their motivation. My colleagues at Strauss Romania have a unique ability to reinvent our activities and to find new and adequate business opportunities and models. Their passion means that over the last 20 years, Strauss Romania has seen exciting moments: the Elite rebranding to Doncafé, the launch of professional coffee Totti Caffe – for Horeca Super Premium locations —or the very recent and impressive acquisition of the Amigo brand. I am proud of my colleagues. The tenacity people have at Strauss, their passion and genuine enthusiasm for coffee, their will to succeed and focus towards finding the most suitable solutions have helped us overcome difficult moments and stay at the forefront of the industry. I am convinced that together we will ensure that Strauss Romania will remain an important player on the local coffee market and one of the most competitive companies in Romania!