CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Cluj-Napoca, 2018

CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, Cluj-Napoca, 2018

  • 22 Nov 2018
  • TBD , TBD , Cluj-Napoca
  • Valentina Andrei , 021.317.03.90


    CEO CONFERENCE is a selective - by invitation only - annual event, an open and less formal platform for debates and business networking.

    With over 600 participants to previous editions, over 100 speakers from top most performant companies in Romania, an average of 200 participants/edition, CEOs Conference is the No. 1 event in Romania dedicated to top executives that have the important job to redefine the future of Romanian Companies.


    This year we’ll discuss about the advantages of 4.0 Industrial Revolution, analyze the impact of the new transformations, new trends and new business models as well as the necessarily strategies needed to face a disruptive environment.


    Who participates?

    Business leaders from industries such as:

    Production, Automotive, Logistics, Telecom, Retail, Service Providers, Local Administration, Top Consultants, Top Investors, High Technology and many others.

De ce sa particip?

    • The most recent developments, megatrends and business opportunities
    • Experiences and value-added insights from representatives of prestigious national and international economic bodies 
Format interactiv
    • Concurrent thematic workshops
    • Facilitated 1-to-1 networking sessions
    • Business opportunities with business leaders 
Cine sunt vorbitorii?
    • CEOs of top Romanian companies
    • Members of governmental institutions
    • Analysts and consultants
    • Representatives of the major economic associations and organizations.




Re-designing strategies and business models and reinventing the companies’ competitive advantages:

• Identifying the drivers of change for key industries: Banking & Finance, Insurance, Energy, IT&C, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Professional Services etc;
• How successful organization found value in unexpected places?
• What are the new jobs and how can the workforce be reskilled or upskilled?
• Demographics and the social impact, are we ready?
• What transformations are expected for the new relationship with clients?
• Managing risks – the other side of the innovative transformation.
• The fiscal turmoil and continuous over-regulation.

Analyzing the near future evolutions coming from the exponential technological transformation, helping companies to remain competitive and innovative in a fast changing business environment:

• How to adapt the business strategies to the impact of the new technologies;
• Automation, robotization, AI, IoT for business transformation;
• Technology as source of opportunities but also inequity and disruption;
• The use of big data and the CEO’s need for accuracy;
• Digital transformation and the legislation gap;
• GDPR and the risk of its impact undervaluation;
• Digitalization vs. cyberthreats risks.

This presentation will focus on the skill set, qualities and characteristics of outstanding leadership.

The current business climate requires leaders who are bold, innovative and heart-centred. Leaders who can demonstrate the certainty, courage and heart needed to shape the future.

Attendees can expect to learn about the key components of outstanding leadership. What does it really take to be the kind of leader that shapes the future of an organisation, an industry, the world?

Key benefits CEO's can expect to learn during this session:

- the foundation of outstanding leadership ability

- the crucial character traits that make a CEO unforgettable

- how to ensure your organisation stays ahead of your competitors

- creating a winning culture that excels in any market

- effectively communicating your vision to your team 





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