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Supply chain flexibility and resilience. The value proposition of TRANSMEC Group

Interview with Mr. PAOLO MONTECCHI, Administrator, TRANSMEC



Founded in Italy over 170 years ago as a transport company, Transmec is now a multinational company with 40 operating offices around the world and a direct presence in 15 countries where over 1,500 employees of 26 different nationalities work. 

With a 2022 estimated turnover of 0.5bln euros and over 1 million shipments managed, the Transmec Group offers integrated logistics and transport solutions that guarantee to its customers high efficiency, resilience and flexibility of the supply chain, whatever the challenges of customers’ production or the multi-channel complexity of distribution. 

Its legendary reliability is the result of continuous investments both in its own means and resources, such as the intermodal hub built and managed in Oradea, Romania, and in the growth of its vertical markets’ expertise (in particular in the automotive, hi-tech, clothing and furniture sectors) and specialists, for example for grocery distribution, integrated industrial logistics or e-commerce. A wealth of capabilities in continuous expansion also through important acquisitions such as the most recent one of TNA, which brought to the Transmec group a first level expertise in supporting trade exchanges between Europe and North Africa. 

The company's logistics infrastructure now includes over 700,000 square meters of warehouses and yards (in 8 countries) and an intermodal hub in Oradea, Romania, where its European control tower is also located. The own fleet has grown in parallel and today counts 200 latest generation tractors (20 with LNG), 1500 intermodal trailers, 150 swap bodies and 17 Company Trains which last year run for their customers over 1 billion kilometers. 

But what really makes the difference are the values ​​and culture of the Transmec group, led with passion by the Montecchi family for four generations: doing better than others, always finding a solution, being alongside its customers, growing while remaining pragmatic, agile and flexible, believe and invest in people. 

The evidence of this strong and distinctive vision has been seen and experienced by the thousands of Transmec customers in particular in times of greatest crisis and difficulty in the European economy: when trade with the United Kingdom was slowed down by new customs barriers; when containers were missing, ports in Asia collapsed, drivers were missing, essential electronic components, automotive parts and machine tools went out-of-stock ... Complex situations in which Transmec was constantly looking for turnarounds and solutions, such as to manage the customs services in its own English branches or to experiment with rail transport from Asia to Europe. 

And for the near future it is not surprising that the watchword in Transmec is Excellence in Solution Design which is a precise choice of positioning: serving the most important international companies and brands, following them closely in their globalization, helping to improve to the limits of possible the customer experience of their customers.  

In other words, when time is worth, precision counts and the reputation, market shares and value of your business depend on the reliability of the chosen partner for logistics and transport, Transmec will increasingly be a natural choice. Whatever the efficiency objectives to be achieved and the complexity of the challenges to be overcome. Including among these that of sustainability that concerns the entire world transport chain and that Transmec has decided to make its own, starting in 2023 a multi-year program to improve its ESG rating which will have among its pillars additional investments in intermodal transport.

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Fiscal Identification Code: 21763919
Registry of Commerce Number: J05/640/2012
NACE CODE: (5229) Other transportation support activities


  • Address: Strada Principala, Nr: 278 , BORS, BIHOR

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