Full services on Bucharest Stock Exchange and RASDAQ, including custody at Vanguard and other licensed custodians; Portfolio management; IPOs; Block trades; Company listing on Bucharest Stock Exchange and RASDAQ; Derivative financial instruments; Stock and bond issues; Trend analysis of market evolution; Financial and legal advisory; Fund Management.

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 8694021

Registry of Commerce Number: J40/5868/1996

NACE: (6612) Security and commodity contracts brokerage


  • Address: Bulevardul Carol I, Nr: 34-36 Cladirea International Business Center Modern, Etaj: 10, SECTOR 2, BUCURESTI
  • Phone: +40213187555
  • Fax: +40213187557
  • E-mail: helpdesk@tradeville.eu
  • Website: https://www.tradeville.eu


Utility companies, another year of attractive dividends

At least in the short term, investors have set aside worries regarding the lack of investments…

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The highest yields dividends in 2017 estimated by Tradeville

Tradeville, the market leader in Romania in online trading, opens the discussion of this…

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The results of the energy companies were disappointing to investors, and for the time being, there are no growth prospects

The electricity producers are affected by lower prices, a decrease of a single digit of…

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The Tradeville analysis: The investors in gold could gain 55% more

Gold has recently completed the best quarter in the past 30 years, advancing by 16% compared…

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How do we save by investing in BET - yield of 10,87% until present

According to the Tradeville analysis the long-term investors should not be worried about…

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The conversion law, declared unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court decided that the conversion law is unconstitutional.

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Tradeville launches ETF World, a worldwide investment platform

Tradeville, market leader in online trading in Romania, launches ETF World, a platform…

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One of  five daily transactions on BSE is made ??by a Tradeville client

From its foundation, 20 years ago, Tradeville, the leader in romanian online trading market,…

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Imports from China, 17-18%  more expensive

Imports from China would have to become more expensive with up to 17-18 %, considering…

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