ROBOTERR SEWERAGE CONSTRUCTION S.R.L. has developed and produces a new patented technology for sewerage construction: a construction robot, together with its equipment and accessories, which performs all the operations a worker does in the sewer: - Level the sand bed, assisted by the laser level, with a leveling accuracy of ± 1 cm; - Mount the pipes inside the trench; - Level the sand over the mounted pipes. This robot is electric, made out of stainless steel, robust, remotely-controlled. It is assisted by a high precision laser level, for sand levelling. The robot has an autonomy of 12-14 hours, it can be recharged over night, and the next day it’s ready for work. The main advantages of this technology are: - Reduction of the width of the trench from a minimum of 900 mm (according to the current standards), to 450-550 mm (according to the Roboterr Technology); - Reduction of the quantity of excavated earth of 30-50%; - Levelling and pipe joining precision of +/- 1 cm; - Increased working speed (as fast as the excavator can dig); - Work safety: workers are no longer required to enter the trench, the robot being remotely-controlled from the surface; - Low energy consumption: 1 Euro /day; - Handling of the trench shields by excavators is no longer required; - Trench shields are no longer required; - Reduction of human errors: bad pipe joints, reversed slope. The active trench supports are patented hydraulic trench shoring devices, each can be assembled and installed by a single worker in less than a minute. Compared to classic trench shields, the active trench supports press the trench walls and do not allow them to weaken and collapse. These devices are designed to only be used with the robot, and not with workers inside the trench.

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 37473326
Registry of Commerce Number: J15/539/2017
NACE CODE: (7219) Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering


  • Address: Strada Principala Nr. 59 , PUTU CU SALCIE, DAMBOVITA

Latest financial results

TURNOVER : 205,868 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 80,797 (RON)
TURNOVER : 85,640 (RON)