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Humanoid robots and products from the future of online commerce, at TeCOMM Cluj 2018

Eye-tracking, the first bot in Romania, digital financing solutions and the innovative biometric payment…

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TeCOMM Conference&Expo - experiences, networking and business opportunities

Cluj-Napoca hosts two events dedicated to the eCommerce and IT industry: November 9-10, TeCOMM…

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TeCOMM 2018: How to increase conversion rate by 20% in eCommerce

The annual growth in sales volume and relevance to the domestic market, complemented by…

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Ecommerce 2018: a personalized, automated, conversational experience

In 2015, Uber introduced for the first time the concept of conversational commerce through…

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TeCOMM 2018: In a market where consumption is on the rise, do the online stores have what it takes to be in eCommerce?

Romania is registering the fastest growth in eCommerce in the last year according to…

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