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Tomorrow takes place TeCOMM Bucharest, the event dedicated to online stores

Tomorrow, April 10th, is taking place in Bucharest at the JW Marriott Grand Hotel,…

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TeCOMM Bucharest and GoMag launch the crossborder trade guide

Partnerships, information sharing and examples of good practices at the TeCOMM event represent a…

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One-on-one networking: The Future of Business in eCommerce

Networking 1-1 helps entrepreneurs increase brand credibility, engages them in discussions with industry leaders,…

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Why is important to make #eCommerce in Romania: 3 major benefits

Automating, personalizing user experience, and deploying technology as support for development, remain priorities for…

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The new TeCOMM Bucharest edition was launched! Find out the latest news and confirmed speakers

TeCOMM eCommerce Conference & Expo returns to Bucharest on 10 April, with a new…

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