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Fiscal Identification Code: 17562631

Registry of Commerce Number: J40/8378/2005

NACE: (6399) Other information service activities n.e.c.


  • Address: Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu, Nr: 6, SECTOR 2, BUCURESTI
  • E-mail: contact@ejobs.ro


EJobs study: Although they think it's harder than being hired, 5 out of 10 Romanians want to be entrepreneurs or freelancers

The desire to be entrepreneurs or freelancers is mainly generated by a greater need for…

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EJobs Study: 4 years, average duration spent by Romanian employees on a job

The high fluctuation rate of employees is one of the main problems faced by Romanian companies.

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Commerce, services and construction - the areas where candidates over 45 years old apply

Approximately 450,000 applications have been registered since the beginning of the year…

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Top salaries by domains. Who are the best but also the most badly paid employees in Romania?

IT professionals, lawyers, bankers and human resources specialists were last year with…

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What does the top managers' salary package look like: 59% fixed income, 41% bonuses

59% of the annual income of a top Romanian manager means fixed salary, the remaining 41%…

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More than 9,000 management positions available on eJobs.ro in 2018

The number of jobs for management positions increased in 2018 by about 10% over the past…

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Where did the Romanians want to work in 2018: sales, accounting, and human resources - the areas that attracted most candidates this year

Almost 3.5 million CVs were submitted in 2018 by active candidates on eJobs.ro, the largest…

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